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Purdue CS190 Syllabus

Course Description

This course is designed to teach things that will make a Purdue CS student's life easier.

It was created by Tyler Hoffman as part of the Purdue Undergrad Student Board (USB). It continues to be run by USB and is therefore entirely student-led.

Course Topics

  • Navigating the terminal
  • Shell configuration
  • Debugging
  • Git
  • Vim (and maybe some other fun stuff)
  • Tips n Tricks

Lecture Notes/Cheat Sheets/Slides


Labs are mandatory and they will be over topics taught in the previous week's lecture.

  • Lab 1 - Introduction to CS190
  • Lab 2 - What Does the _____ Say?
  • Lab 3 - The Doctor Exposed
  • Lab 4 - My New Shell
  • Lab 5 - Debugging
  • Lab 6 - Basics of Git Part 1: Local Git
  • Lab 7 - Basics of Git Part 2: Remotes and Github
  • Lab 8 - Vim, Sublime, & Tmux


There will be a new quiz posted every two weeks on blackboard. We will remind you in class, but its your responsibility to stay on top of these and watch for new quizzes.

Quizzes turned out to be pretty ineffective and mostly busywork, so we only had 2 quizzes. These will still be taken into account for grading. If you missed one of these, then that will still be minus one point.


This is a pass/fail class. You will fail if you miss more than 3 points during the semester.

You get a point for every lecture, lab, and quiz.

This, in effect, means that you can miss one lecture, one lab, and one quiz and still pass.

You miss a point for each lecture/lab you don't attend and one for each quiz you miss.

For any questions on this, contact Scott or Kirby directly.