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This is the Purdue Independent Game Developer's Club's main website. Go to the development branch to see readable code. Everything in master has been minified. You should not be making any commits to master except for merging with development branch or minifying changes.

Primary Contributors

  • Charlie Su (@DontSuCharlie)
  • Nick Zetzl (@nzetzl)
  • Brendan Raftery (@doctorb77)
  • Michael Pike (@pike4)

Things Left to Implement

  1. Finish the Splash page *Have a character with a chat bubble. That bubble will be our version of announcements (e.g. "Sign up for the Global Game Jam!" or "We've got a new game!") *Clouds with the same text shadow as our title *A pixel art version that's lighter of the clock tower *Fix the way everything's placed so it doesn't break on mobile
  2. Finish the About section *Add the Q and A *Add the flashcards thing
  3. Supplement the placeholder art
  4. Extras (not necessary, but would be really cool to have) *Click on all flashcards for a secret? *Splash page is a playable game? *Different e-mail subscriptions for new games released vs club meetings vs events?

Style Guide


When you want to add a new style to our codebase, make sure it's sorted in the following way:

  1. Elements (e.g. ,
    ) go first, classes go second, and ID's go last. This is sorted this way due to the cascading nature of CSS.
  2. Within the elements/classes/ID's sections, keep it sorted in alphabetical order.


All you need to do is name your variables and function names so that someone skimming the code can quickly understand what you're using them for. But these guidelines are still useful:

  1. Code that you want to execute should be at the bottom (look for $(document).ready(), which is a jQuery function that executes your code after the document is done loading)
  2. Comment please.
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