ME 270 - Basic Mechanics I (Statics)
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ME 270 - Basic Mechanics I (Statics)

This page contains several examples related to statics that seek to develop the computational capabilities of undergraduate mechanical engineering students. The examples are developed using Jupyter notebooks written in Python.


Installation of Required Software for Viewing the Notebookes

Find and download the right version of Anaconda for Python 2.7 from Continuum Analytics. This package contains most of the software we are going to need. Please use Python 2.7 - not Python 3.0.

Running the notebooks

Follow the instructions here to see how you can run the notebooks on different operating systems. Of course, first you need to download them. If you are familiar with git, you should be fine. Otherwise, just download the repository as a zip file and unzip it. (It is probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with git if you do an software development! This is an excellent guide..)