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Code-D adds support for the D Programming Language to Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

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Code-D has a variety of features aiming to improve the coding experience such as:

  • Full DUB integration
  • Syntax highlighting for D, script.d from arsd, DlangUI markup language, SDL files, vibe.d Diet files
  • Snippets
  • Auto-Completion & static linting for dub.json files, dub.sdl files and DlangUI markup language
  • GUI Editor for dub.json files
  • Auto-Completion for D using DCD
  • Showing calltips & documentation using DCD
  • Finding global symbols using DCD
  • Navigating through the code using features like Go to definition using DCD
  • Formatting the document using Dfmt
  • Outlining the document and jumping to various functions using Dscanner
  • Statically linting the code using Dscanner
  • Dynamically showing compilation errors by invoking dub without any binary output
  • Building, running & debugging the project from within VSCode
  • Showing GC calls from the profilegc.log file
  • Instantly running D source files using RDMD
  • Auto-Fix for issues like missing imports

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