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base fork: PureAbstract/Catch
base: 76ef79a990
head fork: PureAbstract/Catch
compare: 66d641af64
Commits on Aug 05, 2013
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github initial checkin of cmake and travis config files 5cb93fd
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github initial checkin of cmake and travis config files ce441a9
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github Merge branch 'Kosta/travis_ci_integration' of…
…60/Catch into Kosta/travis_ci_integration
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github Calling SelfTest exe directly f8d24b1
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github tweak CMakeLists.txt 5553a53
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github printing the executable into the console window 3f2e2bd
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github debugging arguments passed to the approvalTests script a5c4231
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github more debugging f3119b0
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github more debugging 0c8ad55
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github more approval tests script debugging c486384
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github cmake: call SelfTest exe instead of approvalTests script
Just call the SelfTest executable directly for testing, since there seems to be a problem with the approval tests python script right now.
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github added travis status to the readme 7fcde92
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github fixed formatting of travis status icons cd9a593
Commits on Aug 06, 2013
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github Update af36d93
@Kosta-Github Kosta-Github Update d8f93f7
Commits on Oct 02, 2013
@philsquared philsquared escaped square brackets 716a3a0
@philsquared philsquared minor doc tweaks b9c6d30
@philsquared philsquared Fix wrapping width when listing tests
- addresses #201
@philsquared philsquared more doc formatting fixes 34266b6
Commits on Oct 17, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Added an extra tag test aafed30
@philsquared philsquared Truncate excessively long messages rather than asserting 39ef46a
@philsquared philsquared Regenerated single include 380f98e
@philsquared philsquared Fixed typo bdb7184
Commits on Oct 18, 2013
@philsquared philsquared First commit of docs for contributors f4959e7
@philsquared philsquared Git Attributes, with control for line-endings faafa24
@philsquared philsquared Fixed typo d0e7b62
Commits on Oct 21, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Updated VS2010 project cb7b4ec
@philsquared philsquared Merge branch 'master' of git:// a2bff48
@philsquared philsquared Updated travis URL 2b644b5
Commits on Oct 23, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Fixed uninitialised members in Context object 93a945c
Commits on Oct 24, 2013
@Fraser999 Fraser999 Fixes overflow issue when listing tests. 6253386
@Fraser999 Fraser999 Added CTest targets to perform basic test of --list-tests and --list-…
…tags options.
Commits on Nov 07, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Updated command line docs with -w and -d 0d4894e
@philsquared philsquared Added missing #include for <vector> c2b0c6f
@philsquared philsquared Merge pull request #207 from Fraser999/list_tests_issue
List tests issue
@tobiasweibel tobiasweibel Fixed crlf issue 2e4be21
@philsquared philsquared Attempt to match html anchors (which github strips out) with the ones…
… github generates.
@philsquared philsquared Converted all html anchors in command line docs to match github gener…
…ated anchors
Commits on Nov 09, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Change one more in-page link to work with GitHub generated anchors 11ba377
@philsquared philsquared Build 12 5320518
Commits on Nov 12, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Simplified and tidied test case and tag listing ecb9432
@philsquared philsquared If no assertions print custom message 2f086ae
Commits on Nov 13, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Print warnings if no assertions and not running with -s 4f57c8c
@philsquared philsquared build 13 8d44f2d
Commits on Nov 14, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Added some more docs f15b74c
@philsquared philsquared Merge pull request #214 from AIM360/weibelt/fix-eol
Fixed crlf issue
@philsquared philsquared Removed cruft from VS projects a9fd5b3
Commits on Nov 17, 2013
@nanoant nanoant std::auto_ptr is deprecated in c++11/c++0x
This will use std::unique_ptr on C++11 and remove deprecation warning.
Commits on Nov 18, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Merge pull request #217 from nanoant/patch/std-auto_ptr-deprecated
std::auto_ptr is deprecated in c++11/c++0x
Commits on Nov 19, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Converted all test case names to "modern" style (freeform text + tags) 337dc25
@philsquared philsquared Merge branch 'master' of 200197f
@philsquared philsquared Removed redundant MetaTestRunner ca7292e
Commits on Nov 21, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Removed deleted file from CMake 0635938
@philsquared philsquared Restored second arg to a TEST_CASE for non variadic compilers ba13f3f
@gnzlbg gnzlbg Add documentation for the CMake build system
- new file "docs/" to document the integration of
  Catch with popular build systems.
- document how to configure Catch as a CMake external project.
@philsquared philsquared Merge pull request #222 from gnzlbg/cmake-docs
Add documentation for the CMake build system
Commits on Nov 26, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Added ability to load names of tests to run from a file
- use -f to specify filename. Blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored
- also added --list-test-names-only to list test names out to file in a form that can be immediate read in by -f
@philsquared philsquared Build 14 5ecb72b
@PetterS PetterS Fix fileno not always present. fileno(stdout) = STDOUT_FILENO.
This was a problem when compiling on Cygwin with gcc 4.8.
@philsquared philsquared Merge pull request #224 from PetterS/cygwinfix
Fix fileno not always present. fileno(stdout) = 1.
Commits on Dec 03, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Refactored a lot of code from headers into impl headers only compiled…
… into one TU

- also added noimpl option to single header script - which only generates the non impl code
@philsquared philsquared Build 15 3649fdf
Commits on Dec 04, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Removed some cruft 3524321
@philsquared philsquared Normalised “hidden” tags 47a5ad3
@philsquared philsquared SourceLineInfo takes char*s instead of std::strings 87b20e8
@philsquared philsquared Fixed broken single header following script change
- fixed the script (was missing #ifdefs)
- also fixed single include (Xcode) test project
- build 16
Commits on Dec 07, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Stop overloading virtualise defined at multiple levels ef95020
Commits on Dec 10, 2013
@philsquared philsquared trim test/ section names in xml reporter
- BDD-style test names have leading spaces for alignment in the console reporter
Commits on Dec 11, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Fixed warnings for platforms that don’t implement CATCH_BREAK_INTO_DE…

- as discussed in #229
@philsquared philsquared Build 17 a6d74bd
Commits on Dec 12, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Allow FAIL() to be empty 274ed3e
Commits on Dec 14, 2013
@philsquared philsquared Test for FAIL that doesn’t take an argument b462520
@philsquared philsquared Compile in CATCH_CONFIG_CPP11_NULLPTR for some compilers 563429d
@philsquared philsquared Build 18 859760a
@philsquared philsquared build 19
- fixes nullptr regression (I had accidentally left in some dev changes)
@philsquared philsquared Try again with nullptr compatibility check in GCC 2851b4a
@philsquared philsquared Made SUCCESS variadic too (optional stream) 557b3bd
@philsquared philsquared Sneaking last change in without version bump 66d641a