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To help people getting started with RavenDb by showing some common problems and how to solve those problems using RavenDb as the database/persistence.


This is a sample ASP.NET MVC3 application that leverages RavenDB as the database / persistence store. I've copied StackOverflow's home page, include css and images. It looks a lot like it ... but I'm not a CSS/HTML Gandalf so it's a bit rough around the edges. Because I'm putting my emphasis on the how to use RavenDB .. I'm not putting much energy into the UI. If it looks similar/OK to StackOverflow, then that's enough :)

Like Racoon Blog (another sample application which is actually being used in production scenarios), this project is trying to show the benefits of RavenDb in an ASP.NET MVC3 framework.

What it Does

  • List some fake questions. Summarize answers / views / tags.
  • Shows how to do simple queries and leverage Indexes.
  • Shows how to batch page queries using RavenDb

What it Uses

What it is NOT

  • A best practice application. I'm a noob, so this is a learning experience.

Can I see a demo of it running?

Support / Help

  • I'm usually idling on JabbR RavenDB room. Please drop by! :)
  • I accept Pull Requests, btw (hint hint) :)