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NuGet Package Specifications

#WorldDomination.RavenDb Build status
Test Helpers:

This library comprises of two packages to help your every day development of applications that use RavenDb.

The library offers two packages:

  • Client : some basic DocumentStore extensions and listeners.
  • Tests.Helpers: a class to reduce the ceremony required to create a test that connects to RavenDb.


TODO: image for nuget pics, etc.
!! split into two parts, one per nuget package

#Why use this package? There's two scenario's why these NuGet packages exist:
1 - Client: A simple way to make setup your RavenDb document store with fake data. (eg. Only store fake data when the data doesn't exist, etc).
2 - Tests.Helpers: Reduce the ceremony (read: code) to create your (usually) InMemory document store specifically setup for unit tests. This includes a quick way to setup fake data, indexes (the test only require), etc.

I'm happy to accept tips
Lic: MIT