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PureMVC MultiCore Framework for Dart
Release Date: 11/14/2013
Platform: Google Dart
Version: 2
Revision: 0
Minor: 6
Authors: Cliff Hall <>
2.0.6 Update pubspec.yaml
- environment: sdk: '>=0.8.10+6 <2.0.0'
- dependencies:
analyzer: '>=0.10.1 <0.11.0'
browser: '>=0.9.0 <0.10.0'
- dev_dependencies:
unittest: '>=0.9.0 <0.10.0'
Replace query() with querySelector() in Framework Test Page.
Remove Unit_Tests_Config.dart and use framework enhanceed config.
2.0.5 Update pubspec.yaml
- Use browser:any
- Make unitest:any a dev dependency.
Replace Expect with expect() in unit test classes.
Modify Framework_Verify.html / Unit_Tests.html to
- Reference packages/browser/dart.js.
- Use innerHtml instead of innerHTML
Modify Unit_Tests.html / Unit_Tests.dart
- Set unittestConfiguration with the config
- Reference packages/browser/dart.js.
- Use innerHtml instead of innerHTML
2.0.4 Replace interface keyword with abstract class for M2
Add part keywords
Change Dynamic to dynamic
2.0.3 Modify pubspec.yaml again to bump the version number. Doh!
2.0.2 Modify pubspec.yaml to pull in the unit test framework from pub
2.0.1 Code cleanup to keep up with changes in Dart SDK version
- Fixed missing 'part of' directives
- New library and import syntax
- new getter syntax
- other minor things like whitespace cleanup
2.0 Refactor to meet standards for Dart PubSpec.
- library layout changes.
- inclusion of unit tests (was in a separate project)
- added pubspec.yaml,
Also, in the spirit of Dart M1, made the backward incompatible
change of dropping all the MVC prefixes from the classnames
in favor of using package prefix in code.
1.3 Fixed string concatenation errors in the Framework Validation Page.
No changes to the framework itself.
1.2 Included .project and .children so that Dart Editor can
run the framework verification page (PureMVC_Dart.dart).
The need for these files should be eliminated in a future
version of the editor, but they are required now.
1.1 Lots of updates and corrections to the documentation.
Moved classes and interfaces into the folder locations of the
reference implementation.
Updated the Framework Verification Page (PureMVC_Dart.dart/html)
to detect errors and give a definitive statement about the
framework's operational status.
Also we made the decision to disallow null multiton keys. In the
original ActionScript, this is never a problem, but in the final
JavaScript Dart compiles to, contention could arise if multiple
apps by different vendors appear in the same page and both call
Facade.getInstance() without a multiton key.
1.0 Initial version of Dart MultiCore port on