Open Connect for AWS script library for connecting Pure Storage FlashArray with AWS Direct Connect.
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Pure Storage Open Connect for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Release: 1.0

The Open Connect for AWS is implemented through a series of functions to help simplify the deployment of AWS Direct Connect with the Pure Storage FlashArray.


  1. xml() - Used for reading the .xml configuration file and getting the values.
  2. vpc() - Used for creating the vpc in aws
  3. securitygroup() - Used for creation security groups for vpc
  4. launch_instance() - This is used for creating all the other dependencies for the direct connect connection and launching the ec2 instance. Some user inputs are needed for using this function.
  5. initiator_iscsi() - Used for configuring the iscsi connection in the ec2 instance and formatting the disk
  6. Diskspd() - used for running the tests

There is a Windows PowerShell script which will be used for connecting to the Pure Storage FlashArray, creating host, volumes and assigning the volumes to the host(s).