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- Added support for Android 2.1. (Thanks, benjymous!)
- Fixed support for Motorola MotoBlur alarm clock and timer.
- Optionally send a notification to the watch when the MWM connects.
- Included benjymous's improvements to the digital watch weather display.
Thanks, benjymous!
- Ignore music track updates if the track info hasn't changed. This fixes
problems where a music app repeatedly sends metadata for the same track.
(Google Music, I'm looking at you.)
- Ignore Android status bar notifications for ongoing events. This will
eliminate an entire category of annoying notifications, such as Skype
status updates, DropBox uploading progress notifications (but not "upload
complete" notifications), and hopefully alarm & timer updates.
- Fixed bug on SMS receive that was generating warnings in the log.
- Added an option to log the entire contents of Bluetooth messages (default
is not to -- they're not that useful for debugging most MWM problems
I've been running into.)
- Added experimental support for the Motoblur clock's alarm and timer.
- Experimentally added the Motoblur alarm & timer app to the default notification blacklist.
- The phone will now set the time on the watch if the phone's time
changes (e.g. setting the time in Android Settings).
- Fixed bug where the MWM was sending timezone alerts to the watch
even if disabled in the settings.
- Fixed application mode bug where application mode intent
APPLICATION_STOP was restarting application mode. [Kallex]
- Fixed MWM crash on startup -- it was a bug in some debug code
I added to the intent receiver. [thescreensavers, Smithers, etc.]
- Fixed voltage monitoring to use alarm callback instead of trying
to sleep in the thread. Turns out there's no guarantee that the OS
will wake up a sleeping thread when requested. Specifically, a
Thread.sleep(10000) may not wake up for hours!
- Restored option to pause messages before scrolling [thescreensavers]
- Possible bug fix for delayed notifications. I mistakenly made the
MWM service thread a daemon, which may have allowed the OS to kill it.
- Added debug option to monitor the watch's battery voltage and log it
to a file on the sd card.
- Added experimental support for the last notification replay button on
the analog watch. To use this feature, enable it in Settings and
connect to the watch. After receiving a notification, press the center
(crown) button. I have to press it fairly hard on my watch. After a
second or few, the watch should replay the last notification received,
minus the vibration. It's possible this may now work for the digital
watch too, but I can't test it. [sesteve]
- Moved weather update into its own thread and synchronized it, so that
it doesn't lock up the AlarmReceiver. Hopefully this will fix the
problem where the OS was killing the MWM service (and breaking the link
between the phone and the watch) because the weather lookup was taking
too long.
- Removed the option to pause before scrolling the analog watch. It was
buggy and sometimes caused the notification to terminate early. It's
probably not necessary now anyway, if the last notification replay works.
- Added a bunch of message-level debug lines for development.
- Merged in Pedlar, AkiraYasha and Chris Sewell's changes -- thanks for sharing!
This adds many new features -- I may have missed some of them:
- Phone can now notify watch when the phone battery is low.
- Phone can now notify the watch when the time zone has changed.
- Winamp tracks now get their own icon.
(I merged with music handling, and added album info.)
- The user can now disable the weather display on the digital watch.
- Lots of new icons.
- Vibrate pattern for battery and time zone notifications is now customizable.
- The phone will now reset the time on the watch when the time zone changes.
- Added some extras to the org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION intent.
All of these extras are Strings. [sesteve]
- text: Displays text on the digital watch. (digital only, untested)
- oled1: Displays large text on the top OLED. (analog only)
- oled1a: Displays small text on the upper half of the top OLED (analog only)
- oled1b: Displays small text on the lower half of the top OLED (analog only)
- oled2: Displays large text on the bottom OLED. (analog only)
- oled2a: Displays small text on the upper half of the bottom OLED (analog only)
- oled2b: Displays small text on the lower half of the bottom OLED (analog only)
Some example notifications, as adb shell commands
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e text "Hi there"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e text "Buzz!" -e vibrate_on 500 -e vibrate_off 500 -e vibrate_cycles 3
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1 "The Top" -e oled2 "The Bottom"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1a "Line 1" -e oled1b "Line 2" -e oled2a "Line 3" -e oled2b "Line 4"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1 "Hey There" -e oled2a "Wake up!" -e oled2b "It's time to get out of bed!"
- Hopefully fixed bug that was crashing digital watches on notification.
- Hopefully fixed Gmail count display on digital watches.
- Digital watch only: On receiving a notification, the time to wait
before returning to the idle screen is now a preference. (Untested)
- Created a new section for settings that only apply to the digital
- Support BeyondPod as a music player. [tilmanb]
- MWM now broadcasts an intent when the connection state changes.
Intent: org.metawatch.manager.CONNECTION_CHANGE
Extra: key='state' type=boolean (true if now connected, false otherwise)
Many thanks to [rmrfchik] for submitting the code!
- Added option to forward all notifications to the watch. A new
settings screen is available to blacklist apps that you don't want
to receive notifications from. (Requires accessibility in Android
Settings) [db1nto, damis648]
- Made vibrate pattern customizable for:
- Gmail
- K9
- Alarm
- Music
- Calendar
- Other apps
- Added album info to music notification on digital watch.
- Created settings section for analog watch, and moved scroll delay
into the new section.
- Add album info to music notification for analog watch.
- Added option to pause a few seconds before scrolling OLED text.
- Scroll recipient name on analog watch for GMail messages (Android 2.3+)
- Removed debug option to right-pad short messages, since the
short messages bug is fixed now.
- Only add notifications to the queue if the watch is connected. [Arlanthir]
- Implemented a host of changes to try to fix the unresponsive analog
watch problem:
- Low-level protocol messages are now managed by a dedicated thread
and synchronized queue, to protect against the possibility of
bytes from different arrays getting mangled.
- High-level notification messages are now managed by a (different)
dedicated thread and synchronized queue, to protect against the
possibility of arrays from different notifications getting
- The notification processing thread no longer aborts when a
scrolling message shorter than the OLED screen size is sent.
(This was the "short message" bug -- major thanks to Arlanthir,
thescreensavers, and spacejunky for helping me track this one down!)
- Numerous minor fixes to improve thread safety; making variables
volatile, properly handling InterruptedExceptions, etc.
- Don't send calender events if the event text is blank.
- Suppress toasts when Bluetooth throws IOExceptions; just log them.
- GMail notifications are now sent only on receipt of new messages.
This change fixes a nasty bug where the MWM wasn't distinguishing
between new message notifications and unread count notifications,
causing double notifications with seemingly random numbers on the
watch. Digital watch is probably fixed too, but is untested.
- Scroll subject line of K9 notifications. [DHG703B]
- Scroll snippet line of GMail full notifications. [DHG703B]
Note that this doesn't affect phones that can't see the content
of GMail messages (Android 2.3 and above, I think).
- Hopefully fix calendar notification to show text on digital watch [dtiens]
- Added debug option to pad short messages with spaces,
to help debug possible short notification issue [Arlanthir]
- Added experimental support for Calendar events.
(note that this requires Accessibility in Android Settings.)
(works on analog watch, untested on digital)
- Extended support to Android 2.2 (FroYo) [db1nto]
- Changed music update to single 500ms buzz
- Marked shared variables as volatile to improve thread safety
- Changed send buffer to a BlockingQueue to improve thread safety [spacejunky]
Initial version
- Support for Android 2.3 (API level 10)
- Optionally hide notification icon in status bar
- Fix bug where newlines were displayed as boxes in analog watch
- Fix bug where GMail was displayed as SMS on analog watch
- Display Gmail unread count on analog watch
- Added music support for Winamp
- Changed vibrate on music update to a single 100ms "tap"
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