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- Fix bug where turning on music controls seems to kill the LED button,
even after turning off the controls again. It looks like
Protocol.disableMediaButtons() is never getting called.
- Log the receipt of an SMS notification? (This might help some users
debug their SMS wierdness.)
- Swap the order of sending in -- send the
vibrate first, then the text; this will give the analog user
another split second to see the text before it vanishes from
the OLED.
- Notify user when the watch battery starts to drop quickly?
- Make pause before scrolling configurable? [db1nto]
- Notify phone on loss of mobile signal or data? [Smithers]
- Move notification settings into their own screen?
- If the MWM is killed by the OS, it probably doesn't get a chance to
broadcast a DISCONNECT. Maybe it should broadcast DISCONNECT on startup?
- Have the MWM reboot the watch if there's a sudden voltage drop?
I don't see any messages that reset the watch. Maybe send a notification?
- [tilmanb] Test 12/24 hour display on watch; also dd/mm display
I have one problem. I don't actually think its with the app, because there is code to deal with it.
My Analog Watch shows date and time in wrong format. (US date and am/pm clock)
Either the DateFormat.is24HourFormat() test is b0rked or my watch does it wrong.
Anyone any ideas? I'm actually sure it used to do it right some time ago.
Firmware version APP 0.7.42
- Maybe make the call vibrate pattern an option?
- Remove cached settings in MetaWatch Service -- they don't improve performance
noticably, they just force the user to restart the service when changes
are saved.
- Add options to backup/restore settings to SD card. [thescreensavers]
- Notify on new voicemail?
- When the notification icon is hidden, it can sometimes be seen as
an empty block next to other icons. Other apps push their icon to
the right, like Llama and Juice Defender. How do they do that?
Something to do with the event timestamp, maybe?
- Optionally auto-start on system boot. [tilmanb]
- Review new message docs -- what new and cool things can we do?
- Add dialog to send custom messages to the watch? [db1nto]
maybe a small form with
- dropdown menu (for icon) + textfield for upper OLED
- textfield for bottom OLED
- dropdown menu for vibrating (1, 2 or 3 times)
- checkbox for scrolling?
- send button
- Add custom RTM handling -- is there an API? If not, at least
ignore syncing messages.
- Add some more intents? [GnoStiC]
- read voltage (one time broadcast)
- read accelerometer (one time broadcast or X ms intervals until user requests accelerometer off)
- light on/off
- read light sensor (one time broadcast)
- Inform the user when Bluetooth is disabled? [GnoStiC]
- Check odd email count [ronaldheld]
Over 2.5 hours, I kept track of the gmails. the first number is the watch's
notitfication number and the second is the actual new gmails:
2 1
3 2
4 2
3 1
3 1
- Should we wait for status change from watch before sending new notifications?
Specifically, it looks like the watch sends a status change when it's done
scrolling. Maybe we should wait for that before sending a new notification
on top of the old one.
- Scroll K9 receipient address on top OLED? [thescreensavers] (Not sure
if this is possible; if it is, I probably can't tackle it until the
analog message interface is published.)
- Scroll big text on oled? (Can't even attempt until we have the
analog watch message structure.)
- Control Winamp from watch? Can this be done? (Can't attempt until
we get the analog docs -- does the analog watch have an application mode?)