🛡 I2P: End-to-End encrypted and anonymous Internet
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Русская версия

i2pd (I2P Daemon) is a full-featured C++ implementation of I2P client.

I2P (Invisible Internet Protocol) is a universal anonymous network layer.
All communications over I2P are anonymous and end-to-end encrypted, participants don't reveal their real IP addresses.

I2P client is a software used for building and using anonymous I2P networks. Such networks are commonly used for anonymous peer-to-peer applications (filesharing, cryptocurrencies) and anonymous client-server applications (websites, instant messengers, chat-servers).

I2P allows people from all around the world to communicate and share information without restrictions.


  • Distributed anonymous networking framework
  • End-to-end encrypted communications
  • Small footprint, simple dependencies, fast performance
  • Rich set of APIs for developers of secure applications



The easiest way to install i2pd is by using precompiled binaries. See documentation for how to build i2pd from source on your OS.

Build instructions:

Supported systems:

  • GNU/Linux x86/x64 - Build Status
  • Windows - Build status
  • Mac OS X - Build Status
  • CentOS / Fedora - Build Status
  • Docker image - Build Status
  • FreeBSD
  • Android
  • iOS

Using i2pd

See documentation and example config file.


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This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, which can be found in the file LICENSE in the root of the project source code.