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Your Minecraft, your way


  1. Purpur Purpur Public

    Purpur is a drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability, and new fun and exciting gameplay features.

    Shell 1.7k 308

  2. PurpurExtras PurpurExtras Public

    Purpur suggestions that should be a plugin.

    Java 62 13

  3. PurpurClient PurpurClient Public

    Fixes client-side vanilla bugs

    Java 50 14

  4. PurpurPacks PurpurPacks Public

    Purpur suggestions that should be a datapack


  5. PurpurDocs PurpurDocs Public

    This is the documentation for Purpur that uses Mkdocs to generate a static site

    Python 37 31

  6. Tentacles Tentacles Public template

    Template to create a maintainable fork of Purpur

    Shell 29 6


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