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Save and export as PDF by Puzzlepart

A global list customizer which adds functionality to all document libraries in SharePoint Online to convert one or more documents in-place to PDF, or download one or more documents as a PDF. When selecting multiple documents for download they will be downloaded as a zip file.


Installing the solution

  • Upload and Deploy the file pzl-ext-highlight-home.sppkg to your tenant app catalog. TrustSolution
    • If created the tenant app catalog can be reached via https://<tenant>
    • You need to be a SharePoint Administrator to upload this solution.
  • Navigate to a document library and select one or more files and you should see the PDF options in the document ribbon.

Note: It may take a little while before it shows the first time after install.

Supported file formats

csv, doc, docx, odp, ods, odt, pot, potm, potx, pps, ppsx, ppsxm, ppt, pptm, pptx, rtf, xls, xlsx

Building the code

Ensure that at least SPFx v1.6 is installed.

git clone
cd spfx-solutions/Pzl.Ext.PDFExport
npm i

This package produces the following:

  • lib/* - intermediate-stage commonjs build artifacts
  • dist/* - the bundled script, along with other resources
  • deploy/* - all resources which should be uploaded to a CDN.