A powershell script for creating a Windows honeyport.
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.SYNOPSIS Block IP Addresses that connect to a specified port.

.DESCRIPTION Creates a job that listens on TCP Ports specified and when a connection is established, it can either simply log or add a local firewall rule to block the host from further connections. Writes blocked/probed IPs to the event log named HoneyPort.

.PARAMETER Ports List of Ports to listen in for connections.

.PARAMETER WhiteList List of IP Addresses that should not be blocked.

.EXAMPLE Example monitoring on different ports PS C:> .\honeyport.ps1 -Ports 70,79 -Verbose

.EXAMPLE Example monitoring on different ports and add whitelist of hosts PS C:> .\honeyport.ps1 -Ports 4444,22,21,23 -WhiteList, -Verbose

.EXAMPLE Example monitoring on one port and blocking on full TCP connect PS C:> .\honeyport.ps1 -Ports 21 -Block

.NOTES Authors: John Hoyt, Carlos Perez Original Script Modified By: Greg Foss

Stopping HoneyPort; 
    PS C:\> stop-job -name HoneyPort
    PS C:\> remove-job -name HoneyPort

Listing Events;
    PS C:\> get-eventlog HoneyPort