PyAna - Analyzing the Windows shellcode
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#PyAna PyAna - Analyzing the Windows shellcode. Using Unicorn Framework for emulating shellcode. PyAna emulate a process on Windows: PEB, TIB, LDR_MODULE to create a emulative environment.


  • From commandline type: [shellcode]

  • Ex: Samples/

  • Show report:


#Dependencies PyAna depends on :

  • [Unicorn Framework] & [Capstone] developing by Nguyen Anh Quynh.
  • [pefile] developing by Ero Carrera


  • Implement in Python using Unicorn binding
  • Emulating a simple shellcode: calc, UrlDownloadToFile
  • Windows system structure emulator is not complete
  • A few of Win32 API hooking
  • Only support 32 bit


  • support PE file on Windows
  • support unpacking
  • apply on fuzzing, exploit detection.

#Under development. [//]: # (these are link referrence for dependencies packages) [Unicorn Framework]: [pefile]: [Capstone]: