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@facundobatista facundobatista released this May 19, 2017 · 270 commits to master since this release

What's new in this release?

  • Install not only from PyPI but also from remote code repositories (GitHub, Bitbucket, Launchpad, etc) and local directories
    fades -d git+

    fades -d file://$PATH_TO_PROJECT
  • Created a video to showcase the most relevant fades features
  • Select the best virtualenv from the stored ones in the case of multiple matching

  • Added a --clean-unused-venvs option to remove all virtualenvs not used in the last indicated days

    fades --clean-unused-venvs=30
  • Added a --pip-options to pass any needed parameters to the underlying pip call
    fades -d requests --pip-options="--no-cache-dir"
  • Properly return a code != 0 if fades process failed in any way

  • Now the virtualenv /bin path is added to the child PATH before execution

  • Remove the just created virtualenv if its setup failed somehow (not leaving unused/untracked directories)

  • Issue a WARNING if fades is executed from a virtualenv (it shouldn't)

  • Better behaviour when CTRL-C is sent to an interactive interpreter running under fades

  • Support missing virtualenv directories: if a virtualenv was found in the cache check if it is valid, otherwise re-create it

  • Added infrastructure for fades to be packaged and run as a Snap

    snap install fades
  • Better multiplatformy locking to exclude two simultaneous fades runs messing with internal files

  • Instructions to install using 'brew'

  • Alert the user that the one doing background stuff is fades

  • Better README and documentation in general

  • Improved version description to be more standards compliant

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Nicolás and I want to say a big thank you to the following collaborators that helped to improve and enhance fades in different ways for this version (in alphabetical order):

  • Ariel Rossanigo
  • David Litvak Bruno
  • FaQ
  • Filipe Ximenes
  • Gera
  • Juan Carizza
  • Lucio Torre
  • Manuel Kaufmann
  • Martin Alderete
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