Setup python (including mpi4py) without admin rights

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The following guide shows how to get a complete python installation without administrator rights:

Step 1: We move to the folder where we want to stare our installation:


Step 2: We download, compile and install python:

mkdir python_src
mv Python-2.7.11.tar.xz python_src/
cd python_src
tar xvf Python-2.7.11.tar.xz
cd Python-2.7.11
mkdir /afs/
./configure --prefix=/afs/
make install

Step 3: We install virtualenv

 cd ..
 cd python_src
 curl -O
 tar -zxvf virtualenv-15.0.0.tar.gz
 cd virtualenv-15.0.0
 /afs/ install
 cd ..

Step 4: We create our virtual environment

cd /afs/
mkdir virtualenvs
cd virtualenvs
/afs/ py2.7 [continues]

Step 5: We activate our brand new virtual environment

cd py2.7/bin
source ./activate

If we type:

which python

we get:


Step 6: We use pip to install the python modules that we need

 pip install numpy
 pip install scipy
 pip install cython
 pip install ipython
 pip install matplotlib
 pip install h5py

Step 7 (optional): Installing mpi4pi

I we do not have an MPI installation we need to get one (for CERN users: skip this for CNAF cluster):

 cd /afs/
 tar jxf
 cd openmpi-1.10.2
./configure --prefix=/afs/
 make all install

We set the environment variable for the MPI compiler:

export MPICC=/afs/

At this point be careful not to have other MPI paths in your environment (for example set in your .bashrc)

pip will use the compiler pointed by your MPICC variable to compile mpi4py:

pip install mpi4py

Important: Python jobs using mpi4py must be run with the mpiexec corresponding to the MPI compiler that has been used. In our case:


Of course we can add the folder to our PATH or create a shortcut.

Step 8 (optional):: At this point we are able to download and install the PyECLOUD-PyHEADTAIL environment:


For the CERN linux servers (lxplus-lxbatch): when compiling PySUSSIX (with f2py) we found that some libraries were missing. The problem could be solved by:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/afs/

A couple of references that helped with this task:



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