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Naming Convention checker for Python
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PEP-8 Naming Conventions

Check the PEP-8 naming conventions.

This module provides a plugin for flake8, the Python code checker.

(It replaces the plugin flint-naming for the flint checker.)


You can install, upgrade, uninstall pep8-naming with these commands:

$ pip install pep8-naming
$ pip install --upgrade pep8-naming
$ pip uninstall pep8-naming

Plugin for Flake8

When both flake8 and pep8-naming are installed, the plugin is available in flake8:

$ flake8 --version
2.0 (pep8: 1.4.3, pyflakes: 0.6.1, naming: 0.2)

By default the plugin is enabled.

These error codes are emitted:

code sample message
N801 class names should use CapWords convention
N802 function name should be lowercase
N803 argument name should be lowercase
N804 first argument of a classmethod should be named 'cls'
N805 first argument of a method should be named 'self'
N806 variable in function should be lowercase
N807 function name should not start and end with '__'
N811 constant imported as non constant
N812 lowercase imported as non lowercase
N813 camelcase imported as lowercase
N814 camelcase imported as constant
N815 mixedCase variable in class scope
N816 mixedCase variable in global scope


The following flake8 options are added:


Ignore errors for specific variable names.

Currently, this option can only be used for N802, N806, N815, and N816 errors.

Default: setUp,tearDown,setUpClass,tearDownClass,setUpTestData,failureException,longMessage,maxDiff.


List of method decorators pep8-naming plugin should consider class method.

Used to prevent false N804 errors.

Default: classmethod.


List of method decorators pep8-naming plugin should consider static method.

Used to prevent false N805 errors.

Default: staticmethod.

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