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The package is insufficiently documented.
Currently there's only pep8 --help, the README and the docstrings.
Recently, I have added the list of error codes in the wiki too.

The documentation should be short, but give the information how to use pep8 as a library.


How about creating documentation at http://readthedocs.org ? Seems like a lot of open source projects are doing it and I like it so far.


Actually, a better question - what documentation content do you think is missing? Possibly it could all be added to the README... I'll start:

  • Document calling pep8 from Python code. See issue #35.
    • How to make the call.
    • What the result actually contains.
  • How to run tests.
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I'd like to second making the documentation at readthedocs.org. It's reliable and free and "standardized". Of course, to do documentation the easy way, you will have first needed to have documented the functions thoroughly enough to be used for documentation. Examples of doing this can be pulled from kennethreitz/requests or even my own sigmavirus24/github3.py.

I'd be happy to help with configuring RTD if need be (it isn't difficult at all), and write documentation (although I'm currently busy with my API wrapper and work).

@JensRantil JensRantil added a commit to JensRantil/pep8 that referenced this issue Jul 26, 2012
@JensRantil JensRantil Readme now describes how to execute from Python
Commit related to issue #35 and #105.
@JensRantil JensRantil added a commit to JensRantil/pep8 that referenced this issue Jul 26, 2012
@JensRantil JensRantil Adding information on how to run tests to README
Possibly something like "Pull requests are always welcome" and "Create
an issue on Github if you have any questions" should also be added. But
hey - I'm not the maintainer! ;)

This is related to issue #105.

Thank you for your help.
I took some time and put the documentation online for the upcoming release 1.4.

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