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Error Codes


Default conventions

Not all error codes are checked for by default. There are two conventions that may be used by pydocstyle: pep257 and numpy.

The pep257 convention, which is enabled by default in pydocstyle, checks for all of the above errors except for D203, D212, D213, D214, D215, D404, D405, D406, D407, D408, D409, D410, and D411 (as specified in PEP257).

The numpy convention checks for all of the above errors except for D107, D203, D212, D213, D402, and D413.

These conventions may be specified using --convention=<name> when running pydocstyle from the command line or by specifying the convention in a configuration file. See the :ref:`cli_usage` section for more details.


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