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"""Docstring violation definition."""
from itertools import dropwhile
from functools import partial
from collections import namedtuple
from .utils import is_blank
__all__ = ('Error', 'ErrorRegistry')
ErrorParams = namedtuple('ErrorParams', ['code', 'short_desc', 'context'])
class Error(object):
"""Error in docstring style."""
# Options that define how errors are printed:
explain = False
source = False
def __init__(self, code, short_desc, context, *parameters):
"""Initialize the object.
`parameters` are specific to the created error.
self.code = code
self.short_desc = short_desc
self.context = context
self.parameters = parameters
self.definition = None
self.explanation = None
def set_context(self, definition, explanation):
"""Set the source code context for this error."""
self.definition = definition
self.explanation = explanation
filename = property(lambda self:
line = property(lambda self: self.definition.error_lineno)
def message(self):
"""Return the message to print to the user."""
ret = '{}: {}'.format(self.code, self.short_desc)
if self.context is not None:
specific_error_msg = self.context.format(*self.parameters)
ret += ' ({})'.format(specific_error_msg)
return ret
def lines(self):
"""Return the source code lines for this error."""
source = ''
lines = self.definition.source
offset = self.definition.start
lines_stripped = list(reversed(list(dropwhile(is_blank,
numbers_width = len(str(offset + len(lines_stripped)))
line_format = '{{:{}}}:{{}}'.format(numbers_width)
for n, line in enumerate(lines_stripped):
if line:
line = ' ' + line
source += line_format.format(n + offset, line)
if n > 5:
source += ' ...\n'
return source
def __str__(self):
self.explanation = '\n'.join(l for l in self.explanation.split('\n')
if not is_blank(l))
template = '{filename}:{line} {definition}:\n {message}'
if self.source and self.explain:
template += '\n\n{explanation}\n\n{lines}\n'
elif self.source and not self.explain:
template += '\n\n{lines}\n'
elif self.explain and not self.source:
template += '\n\n{explanation}\n\n'
return template.format(**dict((name, getattr(self, name)) for name in
['filename', 'line', 'definition', 'message',
'explanation', 'lines']))
def __repr__(self):
return str(self)
def __lt__(self, other):
return (self.filename, self.line) < (other.filename, other.line)
class ErrorRegistry(object):
"""A registry of all error codes, divided to groups."""
groups = []
class ErrorGroup(object):
"""A group of similarly themed errors."""
def __init__(self, prefix, name):
"""Initialize the object.
`Prefix` should be the common prefix for errors in this group,
e.g., "D1".
`name` is the name of the group (its subject).
self.prefix = prefix = name
self.errors = []
def create_error(self, error_code, error_desc, error_context=None):
"""Create an error, register it to this group and return it."""
# TODO: check prefix
error_params = ErrorParams(error_code, error_desc, error_context)
factory = partial(Error, *error_params)
return factory
def create_group(cls, prefix, name):
"""Create a new error group and return it."""
group = cls.ErrorGroup(prefix, name)
return group
def get_error_codes(cls):
"""Yield all registered codes."""
for group in cls.groups:
for error in group.errors:
yield error.code
def to_rst(cls):
"""Output the registry as reStructuredText, for documentation."""
sep_line = '+' + 6 * '-' + '+' + '-' * 71 + '+\n'
blank_line = '|' + 78 * ' ' + '|\n'
table = ''
for group in cls.groups:
table += sep_line
table += blank_line
table += '|' + '**{}**'.format( + '|\n'
table += blank_line
for error in group.errors:
table += sep_line
table += ('|' + + '| ' +
error.short_desc.ljust(70) + '|\n')
table += sep_line
return table
D1xx = ErrorRegistry.create_group('D1', 'Missing Docstrings')
D100 = D1xx.create_error('D100', 'Missing docstring in public module')
D101 = D1xx.create_error('D101', 'Missing docstring in public class')
D102 = D1xx.create_error('D102', 'Missing docstring in public method')
D103 = D1xx.create_error('D103', 'Missing docstring in public function')
D104 = D1xx.create_error('D104', 'Missing docstring in public package')
D105 = D1xx.create_error('D105', 'Missing docstring in magic method')
D106 = D1xx.create_error('D106', 'Missing docstring in public nested class')
D107 = D1xx.create_error('D107', 'Missing docstring in __init__')
D2xx = ErrorRegistry.create_group('D2', 'Whitespace Issues')
D200 = D2xx.create_error('D200', 'One-line docstring should fit on one line '
'with quotes', 'found {0}')
D201 = D2xx.create_error('D201', 'No blank lines allowed before function '
'docstring', 'found {0}')
D202 = D2xx.create_error('D202', 'No blank lines allowed after function '
'docstring', 'found {0}')
D203 = D2xx.create_error('D203', '1 blank line required before class '
'docstring', 'found {0}')
D204 = D2xx.create_error('D204', '1 blank line required after class '
'docstring', 'found {0}')
D205 = D2xx.create_error('D205', '1 blank line required between summary line '
'and description', 'found {0}')
D206 = D2xx.create_error('D206', 'Docstring should be indented with spaces, '
'not tabs')
D207 = D2xx.create_error('D207', 'Docstring is under-indented')
D208 = D2xx.create_error('D208', 'Docstring is over-indented')
D209 = D2xx.create_error('D209', 'Multi-line docstring closing quotes should '
'be on a separate line')
D210 = D2xx.create_error('D210', 'No whitespaces allowed surrounding '
'docstring text')
D211 = D2xx.create_error('D211', 'No blank lines allowed before class '
'docstring', 'found {0}')
D212 = D2xx.create_error('D212', 'Multi-line docstring summary should start '
'at the first line')
D213 = D2xx.create_error('D213', 'Multi-line docstring summary should start '
'at the second line')
D214 = D2xx.create_error('D214', 'Section is over-indented', '{0!r}')
D215 = D2xx.create_error('D215', 'Section underline is over-indented',
'in section {0!r}')
D3xx = ErrorRegistry.create_group('D3', 'Quotes Issues')
D300 = D3xx.create_error('D300', 'Use """triple double quotes"""',
'found {0}-quotes')
D301 = D3xx.create_error('D301', 'Use r""" if any backslashes in a docstring')
D302 = D3xx.create_error('D302', 'Use u""" for Unicode docstrings')
D4xx = ErrorRegistry.create_group('D4', 'Docstring Content Issues')
D400 = D4xx.create_error('D400', 'First line should end with a period',
'not {0!r}')
D401 = D4xx.create_error('D401', 'First line should be in imperative mood',
"'{0}', not '{1}'")
D401b = D4xx.create_error('D401', 'First line should be in imperative mood; '
'try rephrasing', "found '{0}'")
D402 = D4xx.create_error('D402', 'First line should not be the function\'s '
D403 = D4xx.create_error('D403', 'First word of the first line should be '
'properly capitalized', '{0!r}, not {1!r}')
D404 = D4xx.create_error('D404', 'First word of the docstring should not '
'be `This`')
D405 = D4xx.create_error('D405', 'Section name should be properly capitalized',
'{0!r}, not {1!r}')
D406 = D4xx.create_error('D406', 'Section name should end with a newline',
'{0!r}, not {1!r}')
D407 = D4xx.create_error('D407', 'Missing dashed underline after section',
D408 = D4xx.create_error('D408', 'Section underline should be in the line '
'following the section\'s name',
D409 = D4xx.create_error('D409', 'Section underline should match the length '
'of its name',
'Expected {0!r} dashes in section {1!r}, got {2!r}')
D410 = D4xx.create_error('D410', 'Missing blank line after section', '{0!r}')
D411 = D4xx.create_error('D411', 'Missing blank line before section', '{0!r}')
D412 = D4xx.create_error('D412', 'No blank lines allowed between a section '
'header and its content', '{0!r}')
D413 = D4xx.create_error('D413', 'Missing blank line after last section',
D414 = D4xx.create_error('D414', 'Section has no content', '{0!r}')
class AttrDict(dict):
def __getattr__(self, item):
return self[item]
all_errors = set(ErrorRegistry.get_error_codes())
conventions = AttrDict({
'pep257': all_errors - {'D203', 'D212', 'D213', 'D214', 'D215', 'D404',
'D405', 'D406', 'D407', 'D408', 'D409', 'D410',
'numpy': all_errors - {'D107', 'D203', 'D212', 'D213', 'D402', 'D413'}