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Merge pull request #82 from Nurdok/dev

Various colon and parenthesis combinations in definitions
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Nurdok committed Nov 24, 2014
2 parents 632a209 + 953dc00 commit 82950c046c5ed0d4af63c3e858b5accb0079e886
Showing with 94 additions and 21 deletions.
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  2. +12 −1
@@ -15,11 +15,15 @@

import os
import sys
import logging
import tokenize as tk
from itertools import takewhile, dropwhile, chain
from optparse import OptionParser
from re import compile as re

log = logging.getLogger()

from StringIO import StringIO
@@ -60,8 +64,9 @@ class Value(object):
__eq__ = lambda self, other: other and vars(self) == vars(other)

def __repr__(self):
args = [vars(self)[field] for field in self._fields]
return '%s(%s)' % (self.__class__.__name__, ', '.join(map(repr, args)))
format_arg = lambda arg: '{}={!r}'.format(arg, getattr(self, arg))
kwargs = ', '.join(format_arg(arg) for arg in self._fields)
return '{}({})'.format(self.__class__.__name__, kwargs)

class Definition(Value):
@@ -131,10 +136,19 @@ class NestedClass(Class):
is_public = False

class TokenKind(int):
def __repr__(self):
return "tk.{}".format(tk.tok_name[self])

class Token(Value):

_fields = 'kind value start end source'.split()

def __init__(self, *args):
super(Token, self).__init__(*args)
self.kind = TokenKind(self.kind)

class TokenStream(object):

@@ -187,34 +201,53 @@ def consume(self, kind):
assert == kind

def leapfrog(self, kind, value=None):
for token in
if token.kind == kind and (value is None or token.value == value):
"""Skip tokens in the stream until a certain token kind is reached.
If `value` is specified, tokens whose values are different will also
be skipped.
while self.current is not None:
if (self.current.kind == kind and
(value is None or self.current.value == value)):

def parse_docstring(self):
for token in
if token.kind in [tk.COMMENT, tk.NEWLINE, tk.NL]:
elif token.kind == tk.STRING:
return token.value
return None
"""Parse a single docstring and return its value."""
log.debug("parsing docstring, token is %r (%s)",
self.current.kind, self.current.value)
while self.current.kind in (tk.COMMENT, tk.NEWLINE, tk.NL):
log.debug("parsing docstring, token is %r (%s)",
self.current.kind, self.current.value)
if self.current.kind == tk.STRING:
docstring = self.current.value
return docstring
return None

def parse_definitions(self, class_, all=False):
for token in
if all and token.value == '__all__':
"""Parse multiple defintions and yield them."""
while self.current is not None:
log.debug("parsing defintion list, current token is %r (%s)",
self.current.kind, self.current.value)
if all and self.current.value == '__all__':
if token.value in ['def', 'class']:
yield self.parse_definition(class_._nest(token.value))
if token.kind == tk.INDENT:
elif self.current.value in ['def', 'class']:
yield self.parse_definition(class_._nest(self.current.value))
elif self.current.kind == tk.INDENT:
for definition in self.parse_definitions(class_):
yield definition
if token.kind == tk.DEDENT:
elif self.current.kind == tk.DEDENT:

def parse_all(self):
"""Parse the __all__ definition in a module."""
assert self.current.value == '__all__'
if self.current.value != '=':
@@ -249,28 +282,49 @@ def parse_all(self):
raise AllError('Could not evaluate contents of __all__: %s. ' % s)

def parse_module(self):
"""Parse a module (and its children) and return a Module object."""
log.debug("parsing module.")
start = self.line
docstring = self.parse_docstring()
children = list(self.parse_definitions(Module, all=True))
assert self.current is None
assert self.current is None, self.current
end = self.line
module = Module(self.filename, self.source, start, end,
docstring, children, None, self.all)
for child in module.children:
child.parent = module
log.debug("finished parsing module.")
return module

def parse_definition(self, class_):
"""Parse a defintion and return its value in a `class_` object."""
start = self.line
name = self.current.value
self.leapfrog(tk.OP, value=":")
log.debug("parsing %s '%s'", class_.__name__, name)
if self.current.kind == tk.OP and self.current.value == '(':
parenthesis_level = 0
while True:
if self.current.kind == tk.OP:
if self.current.value == '(':
parenthesis_level += 1
elif self.current.value == ')':
parenthesis_level -= 1
if parenthesis_level == 0:
if self.current.kind != tk.OP or self.current.value != ':':
self.leapfrog(tk.OP, value=":")
if self.current.kind in (tk.NEWLINE, tk.COMMENT):
assert self.current.kind != tk.INDENT
docstring = self.parse_docstring()
log.debug("parsing nested defintions.")
children = list(self.parse_definitions(class_))
assert self.current.kind == tk.DEDENT
log.debug("finished parsing nested defintions for '%s'", name)
end = self.line - 1
else: # one-liner definition
docstring = self.parse_docstring()
@@ -281,6 +335,9 @@ def parse_definition(self, class_):
docstring, children, None)
for child in definition.children:
child.parent = definition
log.debug("finished parsing %s '%s'. Next token is %r (%s)",
class_.__name__, name, self.current.kind,
return definition

@@ -359,6 +416,8 @@ def parse_options():
help="search only dirs that exactly match <pattern> regular "
"expression; default is --match-dir='[^\.].*', which matches "
"all dirs that don't start with a dot")
option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true',
help='print debug information')
return parser.parse_args()

@@ -411,6 +470,9 @@ def check(filenames, ignore=()):

def main(options, arguments):
if options.debug:
log.debug("starting pep257 in debug mode.")
Error.explain = options.explain
Error.source = options.source
collected = collect(arguments or ['.'],
@@ -225,11 +225,22 @@ def oneliner_d102(): return
def oneliner_withdoc(): """One liner"""

@expect("D208: Docstring is over-indented")
@expect("D207: Docstring is under-indented")
def docstring_start_in_same_line(): """First Line.
Second Line

def function_with_lambda_arg(x=lambda y: y):
"""A valid docstring."""

def a_following_valid_function(x):
"""Check for a bug where the previous function caused an assertion.
The assertion was caused in the next function, so this one is necessary.

expect('', 'D100: Docstring missing')

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