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import astroid
from pylint.checkers import BaseChecker
from pylint.interfaces import IAstroidChecker
# This is our checker class.
# Checkers should always inherit from `BaseChecker`.
class MyAstroidChecker(BaseChecker):
"""Add class member attributes to the class locals dictionary."""
# This class variable defines the type of checker that we are implementing.
# In this case, we are implementing an AST checker.
__implements__ = IAstroidChecker
# The name defines a custom section of the config for this checker.
name = "custom"
# The priority indicates the order that pylint will run the checkers.
priority = -1
# This class variable declares the messages (ie the warnings and errors)
# that the checker can emit.
msgs = {
# Each message has a code, a message that the user will see,
# a unique symbol that identifies the message,
# and a detailed help message
# that will be included in the documentation.
"W0001": ("Message that will be emitted", "message-symbol", "Message help")
# This class variable declares the options
# that are configurable by the user.
options = (
# Each option definition has a name which is used on the command line
# and in config files, and a dictionary of arguments
# (similar to those to those to
# argparse.ArgumentParser.add_argument).
"default": "properties",
"help": (
"The expression name that indicates that the locals should "
"be stored"
def visit_call(self, node):
"""Called when a :class:`.astroid.node_classes.Call` node is visited.
See :mod:`astroid` for the description of available nodes.
:param node: The node to check.
:type node: astroid.node_classes.Call
if not (
isinstance(node.func, astroid.Attribute)
and isinstance(node.func.expr, astroid.Name)
and == self.config.store_locals_indicator
and node.func.attrname == "create"
in_class = node.frame()
for param in node.args:
in_class.locals[] = node
def register(linter):
"""This required method auto registers the checker.
:param linter: The linter to register the checker to.
:type linter: pylint.lint.PyLinter
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