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PyCoder's Weekly Chinese Translate Sources Repo
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Latest commit 6d0c060 @TheLoverZ TheLoverZ Merge pull request #31 from iceout/fix
Fix link error
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_templates add sources
_themes/pycoders 增加 fork 图片.
issue1 翻译完成
issue11 修改为issue12
issue12 Merge pull request #23 from youngsterxyf/master
issue13 翻译完毕 Python FAQ: Webdev。文章好长啊...
issue14 【翻译完毕】Dynamic State Machines
issue15 [可遍历]修改为[可迭代]
issue16 更新目录
issue17 eval
issue3 Update django-micro-framework.rst
issue4 修复编译 Warning
issue5 修复编译 Warning
issue7 Update issue7/exploring-python-code-objects.rst
issue8 Merge pull request #17 from lepture/master
issue9 修正了语法问题
static 翻译基本完成
.gitignore 转换 .gitignore 到 unix 格式.. 删掉 .gitattributes
author.rst add issue7 & 8, translate by Ruici Luo, not me 修改主题样式
index.rst 修复格式错误,添加首页目录
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