Presentations, code and links to videos for the PyData London Conference 2015 that was held at Bloomberg near Moorgate in London.
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PyData London Conference 2015

Presentations, code and links to videos for the PyData London Conference 2015 that was held at Bloomberg near Moorgate in London.

Tutorials, 19th June 2015

Title Author(s) Video Presentation Code
Accelerating Scientific Code with Numba Graham Markall Youtube Website
Analysis and transformation of geospatial data using Python Demeter Sztanko
Getting started with Bokeh / Let's build an interactive data visualization for the Python! Sarah Bird, Bryan Van de Ven Youtube iPython Notebook, Github iPython Notebook
Getting Started with Cloud Foundry for Data Science Ian Huston Youtube SpeakerDeck Github
How “good” is your model, and how can you make it better? Chih-Chun Chen, Dimitry Foures, Elena Chatzimichali, Giuseppe Vettigli, Raoul-Gabriel Urma Youtube iPython Notebook, Github iPython Notebook, Github
Open Source Tools for Financial Time Series Analysis and Visualization Yves Hilpisch
Probabilistic programming in sports analytics Peadar Coyle
Spark. A View from the Trenches Sahan Bulathwela, Maria Mestre Youtube iPython Notebook, Nbviewer iPython Notebook, Nbviewer

Talks, 20 - 21st June 2015

Title Authors Video Presentation Code
A Beginner's Guide to Building Data Pipelines with Luigi Dylan Barth, Stuart Coleman
A Fast, Offline Reverse Geocoder in Python Ajay Thampi
A practical guide to conquering social network data Benjamin Chamberlain, Davide Donato, Josh Levy-Kramer
A Tube Story: How can Python help us understand London's most important transportation network? Camilla Montonen
Agent-Based Modelling, the London riots, and Python Thomas French, Fred Farrell
Collect and Visualise Metrics With InfluxDB and Grafana Marek Mroz
Constructing protein structural features for Machine Learning Ricardo Corral Corral
Data-visualisation with Python and Javascript: crafting a data-viz toolchain for the web Kyran Dale
Defining Degrees of Separation in Data Classifications Using Predictive Modelling Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Adam Reviczky, Neri Van Otten
Deploying a Model to Production Alex Chamberlain
Financial Risk Management: Analytics and Aggregation with the PyData stack Miguel Vaz
Getting Meaning from Scientific Articles Éléonore Mayola
Hacking Human Language Hendrik Heuer
Hierarchical Data Clustering in Python Frank Kelly
How DataKind UK helped Citizens Advice get more from their data Emma Prest, Billy Wong
How We Turned Everyone at Our Company into Analysts with Python and SQL Arik Fraimovich
Hyperparameter Optimisation for Machine Learning in Python: Building an automatic scientist Thomas Greg Corcoran
If It Weighs the Same as a Duck: Detecting Fraud with Python and Machine Learning Ryan Wang
Information Surprise or How to Find Data Oleksandr Pryymak
Integration with the Vernacular James Powell
Jointly Embedding knowledge from large graph databases with textual data using deep learning Armando Vieira
Jupyter (IPython): how a notebook is changing science Juan Luis Cano
Keynote - How to Find Stories in Data Helena Bengtsson
Keynote - What's it Like to be a Bot? Eric Drass
Keynote: CRISP-DM: The Dominant Process for Data Mining Meta S. Brown
Localising Organs of the Fetus in MRI Data Using Python Kevin Keraudren
Machine Learning with Imbalanced Data Sets Natalie Hockham
Making Computations Execute Very Quickly Russel Winder
NLP on a Billion Documents: Scalable machine learning with Spark Martin Goodson
Our Data, Ourselves Giles Greenway
Performance Pandas Jeff Reback
Political risk event extraction using Python and Apache Storm Aeneas Wiener
PyPy, The Python Scientific Community and C extensions Romain Guillebert
Python and scikit-learn based open research SDK for collaborative data management and exchange Grigori Fursin, Anton Lokhmotov
Python for Image and Text Understanding: One Model to rule them all! Roelof Pieters
Rescuing and Exploring Complex Life Science Data Paul Agapow
Ship It! Ian Ozsvald
Simulating Quantum Physics in Less Than 20 Lines of Pure Python Katie Barr
Smart Cars of Tomorrow: Real-Time Driving Patterns Ronert Obst
Sudo Make me a (London) Map Linda Uruchurtu
The Dark Art of Search Relevancy Eddie Bell
The London Air Quality API Andrew Grieve
Using the SALib Library for Conducting Sensitivity Analyses of Models Will Usher
Veni, Vidi, Voronoi: Attacking Viruses using spherical Voronoi diagrams in Python Tyler Reddy