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Generator of Matrix Multiplication Kernels - GiMMiK - is a tool for generation of high performance matrix multiplication kernel code for various accelerator platforms. Currently CUDA and OpenCL are the only supported platforms.

What does GiMMiK do?

Consider matrix multiplication of the form

C = α ∙ A ⨉ B + β ∙ C

GiMMiK generates fully unrolled kernels, highly specialised to a given operator matrix. The generated code is fully unrolled - each kernel computes a single column of the output matrix. GiMMiK was designed to perform well in a Block by Panel type of matrix multiplication where the operator matrix is small. GiMMiK also removes any sparsity form the operator matrix as well as attempts to reduce common sub-expressions.

How do I install GiMMiK?

Clone the git repository and use to install the GiMMiK package. You will need the following dependencies:

Once obtained, you can install GiMMiK by running

python install

to perform a system-wide install. Alternatively, run

python install --user

to install the package locally.

How do I use GiMMiK?

Once installed, you are ready to use GiMMiK.

from gimmik import generate_mm


# Generate a CUDA kernel for C = 2*mat*B
src = generate_mm(mat, np.float32, platform='cuda', alpha=2.0, beta=0.0)


Who uses GiMMiK?

GiMMiK was develop to improve performance of the PyFR framework.

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