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Welcome to Feeds

Feeds provides DIY Atom feeds in times of social media and paywall.

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About Feeds

Once upon a time every website offered an RSS feed to keep readers updated about new articles/blog posts via the users' feed readers. These times are long gone. The once iconic orange RSS icon has been replaced by "social share" buttons.

Feeds aims to bring back the good old reading times. It creates Atom feeds for websites that don't offer them (anymore). It allows you to read new articles of your favorite websites in your feed reader (e.g. TinyTinyRSS) even if this is not officially supported by the website.

Furthermore it can also enhance existing feeds by inlining the actual content into the feed entry so it can be read without leaving the feed reader.

Feeds is based on Scrapy, a framework for extracting data from websites and it has support for a few websites already, see :ref:`Supported Websites`. It's easy to add support for new websites. Just take a look at the existing spiders and feel free to open a :ref:`pull request <Contribute>`!

Related work

  • morss creates feeds, similar to Feeds but in "real-time", i.e. on (HTTP) request.
  • Full-Text RSS converts feeds to contain the full article and not only a teaser based on heuristics and rules. Feeds are converted in "real-time", i.e. on request basis.
  • converts feeds to contain the full article and also improves articles by adding links to the comment sections of Hacker News and Reddit. Feeds are converted periodically.
  • python-ftr is a library to extract content from pages. A partial reimplementation of Full-Text RSS.


Feeds is written and maintained by Florian Preinstorfer and Lukas Anzinger.