Typed interactions with the GitHub API v3
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Repository, which is incorrect. Add a Topic class to encapuslate what is

Fixes #929
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PyGitHub is a Python (2 and 3) library to access the GitHub API v3 and Github Enterprise API v3. This library enables you to manage GitHub resources such as repositories, user profiles, and organizations in your Python applications.


$ pip install PyGithub

Simple Demo

from github import Github

# First create a Github instance:

# using username and password
g = Github("user", "password")

# or using an access token
g = Github("access_token")

# Github Enterprise with custom hostname
g = Github(base_url="https://{hostname}/api/v3", login_or_token="access_token")

# Then play with your Github objects:
for repo in g.get_user().get_repos():


More information can be found on the PyGitHub documentation site.



Long-term discussion and bug reports are maintained via GitHub Issues. Code review is done via GitHub Pull Requests.

For more information read CONTRIBUTING.md.


We're actively seeking maintainers that will triage issues and pull requests and cut releases. If you work on a project that leverages PyGitHub and have a vested interest in keeping the code alive and well, send an email to someone in the MAINTAINERS file.