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📚 PyLadies Resources 🤓

Here is a selection of useful resources as well as slides, exercises and materials from our workshops.

💻 Websites for learning

👩‍💻 / 👨‍💻 Workshops/Tutorials


Learn Python

Practice Python



Python core

Web related

Data related

More deep data resources (opentechschool - [datascience learning recommendations] (

Transfer learning for computer vision -


Other topics / Challenges


👩‍💻Other Berlin based Meetups

👩‍💻 Initiatives to teach IT skills to women (distance learning)

💾 Slides, exercises and materials from past workshops

  1. Introduction to programming with python
  2. Understanding the web basics
  3. Introduction to Django
  4. Introduction to git
  5. Python basics variables functions files for beginners
  6. Data visualization with django and highcharts
  7. Workshop web scraping
  8. Python in science
  9. Test driven development
  10. Pandas intro
  11. Building a small web app using mvc patterns
  12. How to write pythonic code
  13. Fun games
  14. Coding alg to win
  15. Microservices
  16. Rest apis
  17. Blender solar system modellingn
  18. Git and github
  19. Telegram Bots
  20. Python beginners workshop
  21. MicroPython IoT workshop
  22. Hardware Hackevening Resources
  23. Data Wrangling with Pandas (Meetup event)
  24. Developers X Operations AKA devops! Docker edition (slides included in the repo), (Meetup event)
  25. TDD workshop (Meetup event)
  26. Build and Implement a Deep Learning Speech Classifier in Python, (Meetup event)
  27. Getting started with PyMC and Bayesian Modelling, (Meetup event)
  28. Noise filters in Python, Make a free account in to access, (Meetup event)
  29. Building a data science project from scratch, (Meetup event), many nice resource in the requirements
  30. Web Scraping with Scrapy and MongoDB running on Docker

🎤 Public speaking - Call for Proposals - CFP

Brilliant talks about public speaking in conferences.


If you wanna join us as a coach, please fill in this form and we will reach out to ask you whenever we are in need.

Thanks for your active support ❤️

📋 Organizing resources

Everything related with Pyladies Berlin chapter organizing.

🐛 Issues or suggestions

If you found an issue on the page or only have a quick suggestion (for example a resource to add), please open a new issue in our issue list. Thank you! 👍

😃 🏆 Adding resources yourself

  • You can clone this repository and add resources (ie workshop material) if you do so 😍, please submit a Pull Request.
  • How to create a pull request? This guide will help you get started: Opening a pull request ❤️

📡 Contact us

You can reach us either through email or on our slack, if your not already a member you can an invite here.

✌️ Code of conduct

The PyLadies community has a code of conduct that are shared between all our members and apply at our Meetups as well as on our online platforms, please respect our shared values. 😌


Slides and exercises from talks



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