Resources to get started in Python and R from the Data^3 2015 conference and installfest
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Data^3 2015

This repository contains the slides/presentations from the 3/7/15 Data^3 conference hosted by PyMNtos, the Twin Cities R User Group, and PyLadiesTC. It also contains all materials developed for the Installfest organized by PyLadies that was developed to help participants to be prepared for the conference.

To download files from GitHub, click "Raw" or "View Raw"


Python for Data Analysis and What's New [in GitHub](data3presentations/01 Wes Mckinney data3 20150307.pdf) or on slideshare Wes McKinney, Software Engineer at Cloudera, author of "Python for Data Analysis" and developer of pandas package

Getting Started in R Danny Kaplan, Professor of Statistics at Macalester College

Getting Started in Python Ravi Shanbhag, Director of Data Science at UHG

An Introduction to Bayesian Belief Network in R Using the bnlearn Package [in GitHub](data3presentations/04 Abraham Matthew BN_Presentation.pdf) or on slideshare Abraham Matthew, Analytics Strategist at Carmichael Lynch [r file](data3presentations/04 Abraham Matthew BN_Presentation.r) , [Tinder Data csv](data3presentations/04 Abraham Matthew - Tinder_Data.csv)

Data inspection, validation, and conversion using csvkit Matt Pettis, Data Scientist at Quantum Retail

[Building A Classifier in Python and R](data3presentations/06 Jay Jacobs - Detecing Algorithmically Generated Domains.pdf) Jay Jacobs, Principal at Verizon and co-author of "Data Driven Security"

[The Allure of a Kaggle Competition](data3presentations/07 Diane Rucker - The Allure of a Kaggle Competition.pdf) Diane Rucker, Project Management Consultant for MIT Trust Center for Leadership

Paleontology in Python: Analyzing Dinosaur Trackways in Github or online Scott Ernst, Scientific Research Consultant at Paléojura (A16)

[Data Visualization in R](data3presentations/09 Winston Chang data3 20150307.pdf) Winston Chang, Software Engineer at RStudio and author of "R Graphics Cookbook"

Panel Discussion - How do you practice Data Science?
Jay Jacobs, Principal at Verizon
Marc Light, Senior Engineering Manager at Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions
Ravi Shanbhag, Director of Data Science at OptumInsight
Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Data Management Research Associate at University of Minnesota

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