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MultiVariate Pattern Analysis in Python
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Merge pull request #325 from hanke/grpthr_enh

Few small enhancements to the group cluster threshold code.
latest commit f0283f5105
@yarikoptic yarikoptic authored
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3rd/libsvm ENH: fixing up permissions -- do not set to executable whatever is not
bin BF: We forgot to update the version for 2.4.0
doc DOC: removed broken link to ipython article, added a paragraph on ipy…
mvpa2 Merge pull request #325 from hanke/grpthr_enh
tools RF+TST+DOC: Single strip_nibabel() to take care of dtype conversion
.gitattributes ENH: adopting changes from dist/debian/dev in .git{attributes,ignore}…
.gitignore ENH+DOC: Add RST converter for cmdline examples.
.mailmap NF: add a .mailmap file
.travis.yml Merge pull request #267 from yarikoptic/enh/python3-conv-travis
.travis_coveragerc ENH: Let's make us of coveralls
AUTHOR DOC: Authors update
COPYING MSC: update copyright and developer info to reflect current state
Changelog DOC: Improve the v2.4 changelog RF: BIG! Make unittests working dir independent and install them and …
Makefile RF: Adjust path names to work with new tutorial data layout BF: fix path to logo.bmp in
README.rst DOC: Point DOI link to an open-access publication (fixes gh-294)
TODO DOC: Lots of changes -- render and look for yourself. BF: workaround for py3tool unable to copy broken symlink BF+NF: Few fixes for win32 installer and added logo. BF: We forgot to update the version for 2.4.0


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For information how to install PyMVPA please see doc/source/installation.rst .

Further information and access to binary packages is available from the project website at .

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