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# vim ft=yaml
# definition for PyMVPA build (based on nipype configuration
# which in turn was based on nipy)
# We pretend to be erlang because we need can't use the python support in
# travis-ci; it uses virtualenvs, they do not have numpy, scipy, matplotlib,
# and it is impractical to build them
language: erlang
- PYTHON=python PYSUF=''
# - PYTHON=python3 PYSUF=3 : python3-numpy not currently available
#- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-dev
- sudo apt-get install swig
- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-numpy
- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-scipy
- sudo apt-cache policy # What is actually available?
- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-h5py
- sudo easy_install$PYSUF nibabel # Latest pypi
- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-nose
- sudo apt-get install shogun-python-modular
- sudo apt-get install $PYTHON-mdp $PYTHON-psutil $PYTHON-sklearn liblapack-dev
- make
# Run only nonlabile tests
- make unittest-nonlabile
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