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* nd-grant/master:
  Makefile for proposal.tex
  moving things around to prepare for the merge into papers repo
  few notes
  trying to restructure
  minor additions, before restructuring specific aims according to discussion with Andy
  minor changes
  extending sample debian.bib (copied to proper debian-bibliography packaging)
  initiating debian.bib
  adding debian-med-bio as of rev 2265 from 10_osehc_valencia
  1 page condensed version of specific aims (with introduction)
  minor additions
  little plan and notes on how to proceed
  just adding possible sections/notes etc
  adding original template example-nih-cls.tex from Bruce Donald (
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1 parent e6854cc commit a2b57871d2d79bef06ba6214739d82b9a63772a8 @yarikoptic yarikoptic committed Jul 26, 2010
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