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Commits on Jul 26, 2010
  1. @yarikoptic

    Merge remote branch 'nd-grant/master'

    * nd-grant/master:
      Makefile for proposal.tex
      moving things around to prepare for the merge into papers repo
      few notes
      trying to restructure
      minor additions, before restructuring specific aims according to discussion with Andy
      minor changes
      extending sample debian.bib (copied to proper debian-bibliography packaging)
      initiating debian.bib
      adding debian-med-bio as of rev 2265 from 10_osehc_valencia
      1 page condensed version of specific aims (with introduction)
      minor additions
      little plan and notes on how to proceed
      just adding possible sections/notes etc
      adding original template example-nih-cls.tex from Bruce Donald (
    yarikoptic committed Jul 26, 2010
Commits on Feb 19, 2009
  1. @yarikoptic
Commits on Feb 12, 2009
  1. @yarikoptic

    NF+BF: fixed topoplots, added plotting topoplots per chosen time poin…

    …ts, storing figures, global 'flip' of sensitivities
    yarikoptic committed Feb 12, 2009
  2. @yarikoptic
  3. @yarikoptic

    Merge branch 'frontiers'

    * frontiers:
      BF: reordering sensitivities according to the order of the sensors
    yarikoptic committed Feb 12, 2009
  4. @yarikoptic

    BF: reordering sensitivities according to the order of the sensors

    I guess I could do reverse mapping for the sensors.locations(), but at
    the end should be the same result
    yarikoptic committed Feb 12, 2009
Commits on Jan 29, 2009
  1. @hanke

    Turn off auto-generation of Frontiers snippets!!

    The snippets had to be reformated to 46 characters per line, since
    Frontiers wants to do a 2-column layout. I have reformated the snippets
    and checked the results into Git.
    hanke committed Jan 29, 2009
Commits on Jan 14, 2009
  1. @hanke

    Merge branch 'frontiers'

    * frontiers: (52 commits)
      Final 2nd response (frontiers reviewer2)
      addressed the last question of reviewer 2
      BF: addressed 1 more question... asking Artur for another
      Finish my part of reply 2 (leaving two open)
      Attempt to enhance design figure caption.
      Forgot reviewer response.
      Addressed a few more comments.
      addressed most of fresh reviewer 2 comments
      Plain reformating.
      Full pass on response; updated EEG figure.
      removed tentative reference to 'why unit is a neuron' paper
      BF: few corrections and addressed the last XXX ;-)
      Dealt with fMRI XXX (hopefully) -- please review.
      Make Michael and Yarik equal.
      Full pass.
      Update Fig 3; removed XXX
      Pass over Yarik's recent changes.
      Tortured 'extracellular' section a bit... imho it is better but not perfect
      BF: addressed 'Hz' question + unified 'stimulation condition(s)' -> stimuli
      BF: addressed multi-unit issue. (10 XXXs left)
    hanke committed Jan 14, 2009
Commits on Dec 4, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic

    mainly addressing multi-cell recordings questions

    * recalled what we talked with Michael about: now "3" is spelled out
    * apparently x axis was incorrect in Figure 6, next commit will
      ship corrected figure (svg + high-res jpg for the paper)
    * added XXX placeholders so we don't forget anything
    * in the code removed few bogus spaces
    yarikoptic committed Dec 4, 2008
Commits on Nov 7, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic
Commits on Sep 14, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic
Commits on Sep 13, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic
  2. @yarikoptic
  3. @yarikoptic
  4. @hanke

    Commented cell script.

    hanke committed Sep 13, 2008
  5. @hanke

    Commented MEG script.

    hanke committed Sep 13, 2008
  6. @hanke

    Some love to MEG.

    hanke committed Sep 13, 2008
  7. @hanke
  8. @hanke

    Adjust fMRI script to return figure handlers and added note about mat…

    verified -- works ;-)
    hanke committed Sep 13, 2008
  9. @yarikoptic

    adjusted EEG script to use adjusted warehouse

    not yet verified -- still computing...
    yarikoptic committed Sep 12, 2008
  10. @yarikoptic
  11. @yarikoptic

    shortened the MEG script (just do what is in the paper)

    verified -- works ;-)
    yarikoptic committed Sep 12, 2008
  12. @yarikoptic

    RF cell + warehouse to like each other

    cell script reduced drastically (not fully yet... still have wavelets
    analysis in and cmdline processing)
    warehouse pieces extended:
     * use sans-serif fonts for plots (DejaVu Sans)
     * provide additional args into getSensitivityAnalyzer
     * return also confusion matrices
    yarikoptic committed Sep 12, 2008
Commits on Sep 12, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic
  2. @hanke
  3. @hanke
  4. @yarikoptic
  5. @yarikoptic
  6. @yarikoptic
Commits on Sep 11, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic

    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://…

    * 'master' of ssh://
      Fix EEG figure caption.
      Design figure caption extend.
      Typo and abbrvs in fMRI figure.
      Fighting the snippets. See comment for justification.
      Move EEG to top of list.
      Minor fixes, shorten EEG.
      Remove default section heading.
      A number of ACKs and fixes.
      Add fMRI figure draft + crappy preview JPG.
      fMRI section: removing some parts + comments/questions + minor fix.
      EEG subsection: added missing references + questions/proposal
      results section: minor changes + comments and questions.
      results section: just a warning.
    yarikoptic committed Sep 11, 2008
  2. @yarikoptic
  3. @hanke
  4. @hanke

    Script to generate the fMRI draft.

    hanke committed Sep 11, 2008
  5. @hanke
Commits on Sep 10, 2008
  1. @yarikoptic

    stole finalFigure from EEG for MEG plots. dumping plots for all senso…

    …rs to have nice overview
    I think it might be useful to do the same for EEG and provide all
    those plots as 'supplementaries' online
    yarikoptic committed Sep 10, 2008
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