Can't Install With Python 3 #121

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When I sudo python3 install on the commandline, I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 25, in
version_tuple = import('pymysql').VERSION
File "/home/forrest/Downloads/pymy/pymysql/", line 28, in
from constants import FIELD_TYPE
ImportError: No module named constants


the same here.


look at this: #135


Same isse but worked around it by copying the version tuple into the file and commenting out the problematic line:

#version_tuple = import('pymysql').VERSION
version_tuple = (0, 5, None)

not ideal....


The problem is files are designed for python2

first you have to change
#version_tuple = import('pymysql').VERSION
version_tuple = (0, 5, None)
then you can build and install.

Later to import you have to change many sintax like relative imports
#from constants import FIELD_TYPE
from .constants import FIELD_TYPE

Change all print expressions to print() function

Change all exceptions expression to Exception()

Tell '''unicode=str''' and '''StandardError=Exception'''

There are many things to change:

There should be a python3 branch of this.

PyMySQL member

As of now PyMySQL works on Python 3.3.
Python 3.1 & 3.2 are not supported though.
Here is a list of test results on supported versions of Python:

@lecram lecram closed this Sep 21, 2013

Can you please issue a new release to pypi and comment here? The current release does not work with Python 3.

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