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PyProphet: Semi-supervised learning and scoring of OpenSWATH results.


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PyProphet: Semi-supervised learning and scoring of OpenSWATH results.

PyProphet is a Python re-implementation of the mProphet algorithm [1] optimized for SWATH-MS data acquired by data-independent acquisition (DIA). The algorithm was originally published in [2] and has since been extended to support new data types and analysis modes [3,4].

Please consult the OpenSWATH website for usage instructions and help.

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We strongly advice to install PyProphet in a Python virtualenv. PyProphet is compatible with Python 3.

Install the development version of pyprophet from GitHub:

    $ pip install git+

Install the stable version of pyprophet from the Python Package Index (PyPI):

    $ pip install pyprophet

Running pyprophet

pyprophet is not only a Python package, but also a command line tool:

   $ pyprophet --help


   $ pyprophet score --in=tests/test_data.txt


PyProphet is also available from Docker (automated builds):

Pull the stable version (e.g. 2.1.2) of pyprophet from DockerHub (synced with releases):

    $ docker pull pyprophet/pyprophet:2.1.2

Running tests

The pyprophet tests are best executed using py.test and the pytest-regtest plugin:

    $ pip install pytest
    $ pip install pytest-regtest
    $ py.test ./tests