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Merge pull request #2720 from PySimpleGUI/Dev-latest

Checkbox.update - ability to change text
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PySimpleGUI committed Mar 25, 2020
2 parents bc4d8d9 + e55b9a3 commit dafd166470ed740f66cb6f27bb2636243a672206
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

version = __version__ = " Unreleased - popup_animated title parm"
version = __version__ = " Unreleased - popup_animated title parm, checkbox update text"

port = 'PySimpleGUI'

@@ -1816,12 +1816,14 @@ def Get(self):
return self.TKIntVar.get()

def Update(self, value=None, background_color=None, text_color=None, disabled=None, visible=None):
def Update(self, value=None, text=None, background_color=None, text_color=None, disabled=None, visible=None):
Changes some of the settings for the Checkbox Element. Must call `Window.Read` or `Window.Finalize` prior.
Note that changing visibility may cause element to change locations when made visible after invisible
:param value: if True checks the checkbox, False clears it
:type value: (bool)
:param text: Text to display next to checkbox
:type text: (str)
:param background_color: color of background
:type background_color: (str)
:param text_color: color of the text. Note this also changes the color of the checkmark
@@ -1845,6 +1847,9 @@ def Update(self, value=None, background_color=None, text_color=None, disabled=No
elif disabled == False:
if text is not None:
self.Text = str(text)
if background_color is not None:
self.BackgroundColor = background_color

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