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Please fill up issue form or you will be REJECTED #1646

MikeTheWatchGuy opened this issue Jun 28, 2019 · 1 comment

Please fill up issue form or you will be REJECTED #1646

MikeTheWatchGuy opened this issue Jun 28, 2019 · 1 comment


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@MikeTheWatchGuy MikeTheWatchGuy commented Jun 28, 2019

Have you looked at the documentation?? and and

If you have not first looked at the docs, then don't log an Issue. A lot of effort has gone into making it possible for you to help yourself so that you're not thrashing about guessing how sh*t works, only to be disappointed when your guesses are wrong when all you had to do was read the manual.

The Demo Programs are another place you should be looking for help/answers.

After downloading the entire demo programs folder, run the Demo Browser program to make finding the demos you need easier:


Due to the popularity of this project and the practical limit of the number of hours in a day, there is only so much time available to provide the free support that users receive with PySimpleGUI.

The goal is to answer every Issue submission within 24 to 48 hours. Answer means acknowledging you've got a problem and perhaps solving your problem on the spot. Sometimes if I'm working on area of the code that a new feature is requested in, a feature request may be completed quickly. But that is not the norm and shouldn't be your expectation.

It's well-understood that your problem or request is important to you. It's why despite there not being any charge for support, every attempt is made to respond to you within 24 hours. What is asked of you in return is to understand that while your problem is at the top of your priority list, it may not end up being at the top of the project's priority list.

Extended conversations where more and more questions are being asked in an Issue are likely to lead to frustration as there simply isn't enough time to engage with an individual user for long periods of time. At some point the amount of time being provided will exceed what's available and the help will simply stop.

An important consideration needs to be taken into account with any enhancement / fix / change you make. While it may appear to be a 5-minute change, there are 4 ports of PySimpleGUI. Your request has to take these other ports into consideration. There is also documentation that must be written or modified. In other words, something that may have taken you a short amount of time to add yourself may require much more time for it to be designed into the project in a manner that works across all ports and is documented for future users.

Your patience is greatly appreciated and will result in a happier environment for everyone.

Have you searched the Issues, both closed and open, to see if it's already been reported?

You may find the information you need from someone else's prior submission. Go here:

And type a search term in this box that you will find on that page:


You don't have to spend hours searching, but at least do one search.

Filling in the form

It's really important that you fill in the form. It's not asking too much of you.

You're seeking free support for a free product from a person that's giving time to you for free. Do not lose sight of that fact at this repository and the many others on GitHub.

The least you can do is fill out the 5 questions being asked of you and that you format your code.

"Least" in this case means - If you fail to at least fill in the form, then your Issue will be closed with a polite request that you fill in the form.

To get started, when you click the New Issue button, you'll see this screen and should click the green button.


Here's the form that you'll need to fill in. I've taken a few moments to write some notes for you about each section.

Your Issue's Title

Be sure and type in a title for your issue instead of the default "[ Enhancement/Bug/Question] My problem is...."

Type of Issues (Enhancement, Error, Bug, Question)

Quick summary / type of issue.

Operating System

Linux, Windows, Mac
The OS version. For Linux the distro

Python version

Be sure and get this from whatever environment you're running. If you're running a virtual environment in PyCharm, find which version of Python you're running by looking at PyCharm.
If not running a virtual environment, type python on a Windows machine and python3 on Linux and Mac machines to get the version.

PySimpleGUI Port and Version

The port is simply the GUI platform you're running on (tkinter, Qt, etc ). Type whatever you put on your import statement.

Please add this statement after your input in order to get the version number of PySimpleGUI as well as the location you're getting it from (very important piece of info)

print(sg.version, sg)

Obtaining information

Calling sg.main() in the tkinter port at least, will give you a LOT of the info needed, particularly the specific version of tkinter. 8.6 isn't enough to debug. You need the full 3 number version.

An easy way to get the information pasted into your issue is to:

  • Call sg.main_get_debug_data() and follow the drections

A more manual way to get to the same window:

  • Call sg.main()
  • Click the "Info For GitHub" button


  • With the window LEFT OPEN, copy and paste the text from the window into the Issue Form that you're filling in.


Code or partial code causing the problem

How well you write this section has a very direct impact on how quickly your problem will be worked on. Ideally, an entire program that demonstrates the problem is included. This way it can be copied from the Issue, pasted into an IDE, and executed to immediately see your problem.

Sites like StackOverflow ask you to submit the smallest working program that demonstrates the problem. You should shoot for this. If you cannot supply a working program, you need to supply ALL of the PySimpleGUI code from your program.

It's not enough to just see the line of code that you believe caused your crash. Yes, you do know the line that crashed, but, the code that is ultimately the reason behind your crash is potentially way back at the very first call you made to PySimpleGUI.

Some people try to just post the layout. That's not enough. The minimum code sections you need to supply are:

  • Your layout
  • Your call to Window
  • Everything after your call to Window up to and including your call to

**How to Paste Code into an Issue or any Markdown document / post (Reddit, etc) **


(Simple enough for anyone, at any experience level to understand)

The quickest way to get yelled at on Reddit and to be flat rejected here to paste code without formatting it. Ever see the beautifully colored Python code that some people have in their Issue posts? It's trivial to get those results.

In the Issue Form itself there's even a spot for you to paste your code that already had these 2 lines of text that are needed.

To post formatted code, surround your pasted code with these 2 lines of text:


These ``` are not single quotes, they are backquotes. You'll sometimes find them located next to the 1 key on your keyboard along with the ~.

If what you're copying isn't code, but rather text that you would like formatted using fixed width fonts, leave off the python portion of the first line.

Why is this important? No one is able to run your code if it's not formatted. It takes long enough to work on these problems, don't handicap those trying to help you by failing to do this simple, critical step. If you're bright enough to use PySimpleGUI, you're bright enough to learn how to format your code.

Screenshots (IMPORTANT)

GUIs are visual things. Experience here has proven that a single screenshot can replace 4 paragraphs of text attempting to describe it.

Provide a screenshot of your problem / application.

If you are unable to do this or are asking a question about how to create a particular layout, draw it on a piece of paper and take a photo of it.

Adding images to an Issue is as easy as dragging and dropping the image onto the Issue as you're typing it in. GitHub will automatically upload and insert it.

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@MikeTheWatchGuy MikeTheWatchGuy changed the title How to fill out an Issue submittion [Read Before Submitting Issue] How to fill out an Issue submittion Jun 28, 2019
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@MikeTheWatchGuy MikeTheWatchGuy changed the title [Read Before Submitting Issue] How to fill out an Issue submittion [Read Before Submitting Issue!] How to fill out an Issue submission. Don't waste time getting rejected. Jul 24, 2019
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@jason990420 jason990420 changed the title [Read Before Submitting Issue!] Please fill up issue form or you will be REJECTED Please fill up issue form or you will be REJECTED May 3, 2021
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@PySimpleGUI PySimpleGUI commented May 6, 2021

Maybe we should make a new set of instructions? It's on my list since the GUI is now part of PySimpleGUI itself and the IssuesBot is near deployment.

Jason feel free to make your own Issue about this too as you're the PySimpleGUI Issues master, clearly 👍 I mean, you're all over these and managing them really well. So, if there's a message about the need to fill out the form you feel needs to be communicated, open an Issue if you would like. I can also make another official announcement in the announcements issue.


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