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Updated the install instrucitons.

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2014-08-12 []

Quick install
Quick Install
- Install Wolfram SystemModeller
- Install Mathemathica
- Install Pythonica
"python install". This will add Pythonica to the python 3rd party libraries

You must also have the Mathematica MathLinks python module
installed. This is distributed with Mathematica, and usually resides in

If you can run

import mathlink

Without any problems then it is fine.
- Install Wolfram SystemModeler 3.0.2
- Install Mathemathica 9.0.1
- Install Pythonica
Pythonica is located in PySimulator/PySimulator/Plugins/Simulator/Wolfram/pythonica
"python install". This will add Pythonica to the python 3rd party libraries.
- Install mathlink
mathlink is located in /path/to/Mathematica/<Version>/SystemFiles/Links/Python
Run "SET VS90COMNTOOLS=%VS100COMNTOOLS%". mathlink requires VC for compiling. In the command Visual Studio 10 is used, change it according to your version.
"python install". This will add mathlink to the python 3rd party libraries.

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