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Improved installation script

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AndreasPfeiffer committed Feb 26, 2015
1 parent 8d4fcbf commit d1cafcbe15c5392eb6205132593e0d4e12072d9a
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  1. +1 −2 Install PySimulator.bat
@@ -23,8 +23,7 @@ cls
echo PySimulator is based on Python and requires a valid Python installation along
echo side a variaty of additional software libraries. Python XY offers all of this
echo software in one package.
-echo During the installation please make sure to minimally install all default
-echo selected packages or select the option "Full".
+echo During the installation please make sure to select the option "Full".
echo If unsure select "y"
set /p installpxy=Download and start installer for Python XY 2.7.6?(Y/N):
if /I not "%installpxy%"=="y" goto skippxy

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