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# Example on using enumerated types under PyTables.
# This file is intended to be run in an interactive Python session,
# since it contains some statements that raise exceptions.
# To run it, paste it as the input of ``python``.
def COMMENT(string):
COMMENT("**** Usage of the ``Enum`` class. ****")
COMMENT("Create an enumeration of colors with automatic concrete values.")
import tables
colorList = ['red', 'green', 'blue', 'white', 'black']
colors = tables.Enum(colorList)
COMMENT("Take a look at the name-value pairs.")
print "Colors:", [v for v in colors]
COMMENT("Access values as attributes.")
print "Value of 'red' and 'white':", (, colors.white)
print "Value of 'yellow':", colors.yellow
COMMENT("Access values as items.")
print "Value of 'red' and 'white':", (colors['red'], colors['white'])
print "Value of 'yellow':", colors['yellow']
COMMENT("Access names.")
print "Name of value %s:" %, colors(
print "Name of value 1234:", colors(1234)
COMMENT("**** Enumerated columns. ****")
COMMENT("Create a new PyTables file.")
h5f = tables.openFile('enum.h5', 'w')
COMMENT("This describes a ball extraction.")
class BallExt(tables.IsDescription):
ballTime = tables.Time32Col()
ballColor = tables.EnumCol(colors, 'black', base='uint8')
COMMENT("Create a table of ball extractions.")
tbl = h5f.createTable(
'/', 'extractions', BallExt, title="Random ball extractions")
COMMENT("Simulate some ball extractions.")
import time
import random
now = time.time()
row = tbl.row
for i in range(10):
row['ballTime'] = now + i
row['ballColor'] = colors[random.choice(colorList)] # notice this
COMMENT("Try to append an invalid value.")
row['ballTime'] = now + 42
row['ballColor'] = 1234
COMMENT("Now print them!")
for r in tbl:
ballTime = r['ballTime']
ballColor = colors(r['ballColor']) # notice this
print "Ball extracted on %d is of color %s." % (ballTime, ballColor)
COMMENT("**** Enumerated arrays. ****")
COMMENT("This describes a range of working days.")
workingDays = {'Mon': 1, 'Tue': 2, 'Wed': 3, 'Thu': 4, 'Fri': 5}
dayRange = tables.EnumAtom(workingDays, 'Mon', base='uint16', shape=(0, 2))
COMMENT("Create an EArray of day ranges within a week.")
earr = h5f.createEArray('/', 'days', dayRange, title="Working day ranges")
earr.flavor = 'python'
COMMENT("Throw some day ranges in.")
wdays = earr.getEnum()
earr.append([(wdays.Mon, wdays.Fri), (wdays.Wed, wdays.Fri)])
COMMENT("The append method does not check values!")
earr.append([(wdays.Mon, 1234)])
COMMENT("Print the values.")
for (d1, d2) in earr:
print "From %s to %s (%d days)." % (wdays(d1), wdays(d2), d2-d1+1)
COMMENT("Close the PyTables file and remove it.")
import os
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