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#include "Python.h"
#include "numpy/arrayobject.h"
#include "hdf5.h"
/* Define this variable for error printings */
/*#define DEBUG 1 */
/* Define this variable for debugging printings */
/*#define PRINT 1 */
/* Define this for compile the main() function */
/* #define MAIN 1 */
* Status return values for the herr_t' type.
* Since some unix/c routines use 0 and -1 (or more precisely, non-negative
* vs. negative) as their return code, and some assumption had been made in
* the code about that, it is important to keep these constants the same
* values. When checking the success or failure of an integer-valued
* function, remember to compare against zero and not one of these two
* values.
#define SUCCEED 0
#define FAIL (-1)
#define UFAIL (unsigned)(-1)
* HDF Boolean type.
#ifndef FALSE
# define FALSE 0
#ifndef TRUE
# define TRUE (!FALSE)
#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR == 1 && H5_VERS_MINOR == 8 && H5_VERS_RELEASE >= 9) || (H5_VERS_MAJOR == 1 && H5_VERS_MINOR > 8)
/* HDF5 version >= 1.8.9 */
#define H5_HAVE_IMAGE_FILE 1
/* HDF5 version < 1.8.9 */
#define H5_HAVE_IMAGE_FILE 0
/* Use %ld to print the value because long should cover most cases. */
/* Used to make certain a return value _is_not_ a value */
#define CHECK(ret, val, where) do { \
if (ret == val) { \
printf("*** UNEXPECTED RETURN from %s is %ld at line %4d " \
"in %s\n", where, (long)ret, (int)__LINE__, __FILE__); \
H5Eprint(H5E_DEFAULT, stdout); \
} \
H5Eclear(H5E_DEFAULT); \
} while(0)
int getLibrary(char *libname);
herr_t set_cache_size(hid_t file_id, size_t cache_size);
PyObject *_getTablesVersion(void);
/* PyObject *getZLIBVersionInfo(void); */
PyObject *getHDF5VersionInfo(void);
PyObject *createNamesTuple(char *buffer[], int nelements);
PyObject *get_filter_names( hid_t loc_id, const char *dset_name);
int get_objinfo(hid_t loc_id, const char *name);
int get_linkinfo(hid_t loc_id, const char *name);
PyObject *Giterate(hid_t parent_id, hid_t loc_id, const char *name);
PyObject *Aiterate(hid_t loc_id);
H5T_class_t getHDF5ClassID(hid_t loc_id,
const char *name,
H5D_layout_t *layout,
hid_t *type_id,
hid_t *dataset_id);
PyObject *H5UIget_info( hid_t loc_id,
const char *dset_name,
char *byteorder);
hsize_t getIndicesExt(PyObject *s, hsize_t length,
hssize_t *start, hssize_t *stop, hssize_t *step,
hsize_t *slicelength);
herr_t set_order(hid_t type_id, const char *byteorder);
int is_complex(hid_t type_id);
size_t get_complex_precision(hid_t type_id);
herr_t get_order(hid_t type_id, char *byteorder);
hid_t create_ieee_float16(const char *byteorder);
hid_t create_ieee_complex64(const char *byteorder);
hid_t create_ieee_complex128(const char *byteorder);
hsize_t get_len_of_range(hsize_t lo, hsize_t hi, hsize_t step);
herr_t truncate_dset( hid_t dataset_id, const int maindim, const hsize_t size);
herr_t pt_H5Pset_fapl_direct(hid_t fapl_id, size_t alignment,
size_t block_size, size_t cbuf_size);
herr_t pt_H5Pset_fapl_windows(hid_t fapl_id);
herr_t pt_H5Pset_file_image(hid_t fapl_id, void *buf_ptr, size_t buf_len);
ssize_t pt_H5Fget_file_image(hid_t file_id, void *buf_ptr, size_t buf_len);
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