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.. currentmodule:: pywt

Other functions

Integrating wavelet functions

.. autofunction:: integrate_wavelet

The result of the call depends on the wavelet argument:

  • for orthogonal and continuous wavelets - an integral of the wavelet function specified on an x-grid:

    [int_psi, x_grid] = integrate_wavelet(wavelet, precision)
  • for other wavelets - integrals of decomposition and reconstruction wavelet functions and a corresponding x-grid:

    [int_psi_d, int_psi_r, x_grid] = integrate_wavelet(wavelet, precision)

Central frequency of psi wavelet function

.. autofunction:: central_frequency

.. autofunction:: scale2frequency

Quadrature Mirror Filter

.. autofunction:: qmf

Orthogonal Filter Banks

.. autofunction:: orthogonal_filter_bank

Example Datasets

The following example datasets are available in the module

name description
ecg ECG waveform (1024 samples)
aero grayscale image (512x512)
ascent grayscale image (512x512)
camera grayscale image (512x512)
nino sea surface temperature (264 samples)
demo_signal various synthetic 1d test signals

Each can be loaded via a function of the same name.

.. currentmodule::
.. autofunction:: demo_signal


>>> import pywt
>>> camera =
>>> doppler ='doppler', 1024)
>>> available_signals ='list')
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