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@Ebag333 Ebag333 released this
· 398 commits to master since this release
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New Features

  • Add slot column to market browser: Now shows a slot icon in the market browser so you can more easily identify high/mid/low/rig.
  • Extend the skills context menu to more objects: Cherry picks an enhancement from @blitzmann, then extends it further to also include boosters and implants.
  • Enhancement: Recent Ship Fit List: Caches a list of recently used fits, allowing you to more easily switch between them.
  • User Updatable Database: Users can now update the game database themselves! While not everything can be updated (effects, new features, etc have to be done via development time), this lets users get a jump start and not have to wait for a new build of Pyfa every patch. See more here.
    This feature is driven heavily by EsiPy. Many thanks to @Kyria!

Boring Technical Stuff

  • Move some fighter effects to their own stacking penalty group.
  • Catch and handle errors when we destroy context menus before they are fully created.
  • Correctly show remote repair drones repair amount, and include them in the remote repair stat pane.
  • Trap errors that can be generated when a context menu is destroyed before it's fully loaded.