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@Ebag333 Ebag333 released this May 22, 2017 · 107 commits to master since this release

To Use

Windows Users: Download or, extract, and run pyfa.exe
Linux/OSX Users: Download the archive (.zip or .tar.gz), extract, and run python .\

New Features

  • Revert skill: Can now revert back one skill change on individual skills in the char sheet. This allows you to undo the last change on a per skill basis.
  • Requirements: Greatly simplified requirements, making it easier to install (for users on Linux/OS X, and developers) and making the build packages significantly smaller.
  • Game Database: Update to latest version.
  • Pricing Stat Pane: For the minimal view, only include "above the line" items. This means that the minimal view will only show price totals for the hull and modules, as many people believe ammo, drones, and implants to either be sunk costs (spent regardless), or items that aren't often replaced. The full view will remain as is, showing full pricing for all items, and the pane will continue to default to the full view.

Boring Technical Stuff

  • Handle ship names with unicode characters in them
  • Catch up bugfixes from Pyfa-org related to characters. Thanks @blitzmann
  • Correct AppVeyor build numbers to use month instead of minute.
  • Large amount of code cleanup done to improve code quality.
  • Enable Linux and OS X builds for better testing, and to prepare for releases for them. (Note: If you'd like to test/assist with Linux/OS X builds, please reach out to me.)
  • Setup automatic upload of Linux and OS X builds to AWS.
  • Fix EVEMon character import where security status was not passed.
  • Catch up bugfixes with migrations, fighter prices, and removing something when it doesn't exist. Thanks @blitzmann
  • Improve logging in problematic areas, and convert old print statements to logbook.
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