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Breckenridge sprint 7/28 - 7/31 2011


  • Casey Duncan
  • Whit Morriss
  • Michael Merickel
  • Niall O'Higgins
  • Eric Bieschke
  • Chris McDonough



pyramid_debugtoolbar is a Pyramid add on that provides a pop-out toolbar that floats over an application while you're developing. Its github repo is at . The readme there is correct as of right now.

It currently only works with the Pyramid trunk (

It's pretty far along at this point.

To be done

  • Write unit tests for all panels.
  • Write unit tests for exception handling stuff I stole from Werkzeug (there's a lot of it).
  • Blaise asked for review of his sqla panel.
  • Currently a circref between DebugToolbar and request. Fix or decide its unnecessary.
  • Provide a debugtoolbar.exc_eval knob which controls the exception handler; display the exception but disallow eval when false.
  • Documentation for the toolbar.
  • Prevent exception console from being used except from certain IP addresses.
  • Replace usage of weberror on trunk with usage of pyramid_debugtoolbar.
  • View source from profiler.


  • Fix minor formatting error when the exception console is used (literal html in feedback header). - casey
  • Selenium tests. - chris and casey
  • Show response headers in the HTTP Headers panel. - michael
  • Currently the ordering in which the panels are displayed is the ordering in which the panels are processed when a request comes in. This is not ideal because at least one panel "hook" (wrap_handler) is effectively global for the entire request. This means, for example, that the display ordering controls whether the profile panel wraps the timing panel or whether the timing panel wraps the profile panel. We should probably either decide to make it impossible for more than one panel to hook this hookpoint (and combine the timing and profiling panels into one), or come up with a separate ordering for invocation vs. display. - michael (just combined timing and profiling panels).

Registration System

Provide some developer tools that make it easier to write registration forms and logic. Michael and I have talked about this. Here's some scratchpad pseudocode:

# lolreg package
# -------------------------------------------------------------
from pyramid.interfaces import IAuthenticationPolicy
from zope.interface import implements

class LolRegAuthenticationPolicy(object):
    def __init__(self, backend):
        self.backend = backend

    def authenticated_userid(self, request):
        # use self.backend to figure out who the guy is and if he exists

    # ..  other IAuthenticationPolicy methods ...

def includeme(config):
    settings = config.settings
    backend_factory = settings.get('lolreg.backend_factory',
    backend_factory = config.maybe_dotted(backend_factory)
    backend = backend_factory(settings)
    config.add_route('lolreg.register', '/register', factory=backend)
    config.add_route('lolreg.activate', '/activate', factory=backend)

# lolreg.sqla package

from sqlalchemy import Column
from sqlalchemy import Integer
from sqlalchemy import Unicode

from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base

from sqlalchemy.orm import scoped_session
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker

from zope.sqlalchemy import ZopeTransactionExtension
from zope.interface import implements

from lolreg.interfaces import IRegistrationBackend

DBSession = scoped_session(sessionmaker(extension=ZopeTransactionExtension()))
Base = declarative_base()

from sqlalchemy import engine_from_config

class User(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'users'
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name = Column(Unicode(255), unique=True)
    # etc

class Group(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'groups'
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name = Column(Unicode(255), unique=True)
    # etc

class SQLARegistrationBackend(object):
    def __init__(self, settings):
        engine = engine_from_config(settings, 'lol.sqlalchemy.')
        Base.metadata.bind = engine

    def add_user(self, **kw):
        session = DBSession()
        user = User(**kw)

    def add_group(self, whatever):
        # whatever

    def activate(self, token):
        # whatever

# lolreg.views package
# -------------------------------------------------------------

from pyramid.view import view_config

def register_form(request):

def activate(request):

# user app
# -------------------------------------------------------------

from pyramid.config import Configurator
from pyramid.view import view_config

def my_register_form(request):
    # self-posting form

def my_activate(request):

if __name__ == '__main__':
    config = Configurator()
    config.include('lolreg', route_prefix='/registration')

    # accept default views

    # or use your own views

    # config.scan('__main__')

    # or use default views then customize some

    # config.scan('lolreg.views')
    # config.commit()
    # config.add_view(my_register_form, route_name='lolreg.register')

MongoDB ACL/Collection Stuff

Niall wants to make scaffolding to do ACL+collection stuff easier when used with MongoDB.

Route-Prefixed Includes

Merge and document

Route Groups

Michael has some code which implements "route groups". We could try to give that code a roll and see what Michael wants to do with it.

This also likely implies a change to pyramid_handlers.

Random Pyramid Tasks

The Pyramid TODO.txt at contains (under "Should-Have") the list of features that will probably make it into 1.1.1. Any of these is fair game.