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``cartouche`` README
This package provides a set of applications which can be used to drive
"registration-based" sites:
- registration
- login / logout
- change password
- password recovery
- profile editing
- user / group administration
``cartouche`` is built on the following components:
- The ``cartouche`` applications run atop the ``pyramid`` framework, using
``chameleon`` for their templating, and ``deform`` for form schema /
validation handling.
- ``cartouche`` stores users, profiles, and groups in a ``ZODB`` database
(you can override this by registering adapters which use different
- ``cartouche`` uses ``zope.password`` to do password hashing / checking.
- ``cartouche`` plugs into ``repoze.who`` as an authenticator, a challenger,
and a metadata provider.
- If your app doesn't use the ``repoze.who`` middleware, you can plug
``cartouche`` in as a ``pyramid`` "authentication policy (cartouche still
uses the ``repoze.who`` API in this case).
Please see ``docs/index.rst`` for the documentation, which can also be
read online at:
Quick Start
Install into your virtualenv::
$ /path/to/virtualenv/bin/python develop
If you have a working MTA on localhost:25::
$ /path/to/venv/bin/paster serve development.ini
If you don't have working MTA on localhost:25, the ``no_mail`` configuration
prints any sent mail to the console::
$ /path/to/venv/bin/paster serve development.ini --app-name=no_mail
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