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0.6.2 (2010-05-08)
- The default ``encoding`` parameter value to the ``colander.String``
type is still ``None``, however its meaning has changed. An
encoding of ``None`` now means that no special encoding and decoding
of Unicode values is done by the String type. This differs from the
previous behavior, where ``None`` implied that the encoding was
``utf-8``. Pass the encoding as ``utf-8`` specifically to get the
older behavior back. This is in support of Deform.
- The default ``err_template`` value attached to the ``colander.Date``
and ``colander.Datetime` types was changed. It is now simply
``Invalid date`` instead of ``_('${val} cannot be parsed as an
iso8601 date: ${err}')``. This is in support of Deform.
- Fix bug in ``colander.Boolean`` that attempted to call ``.lower`` on
a bool value when a default value was found for the schema node.
0.6.1 (2010-05-04)
- Add a Decimal type (number type which uses ``decimal.Decimal`` as a
deserialization target).
0.6.0 (2010-05-02)
- (Hopefully) fix intermittent datetime-granularity-related test
- Internationalized error messages. This required some changes to
error message formatting, which may impact you if you were feeding
colander an error message template.
- New project dependency: ``translationstring`` package for
- New argument to ``colander.String`` constructor: ``allow_empty``.
This is a boolean representing whether an empty string is a valid
value during deserialization, defaulting to ``False``.
- Add minimal documentation about the composition of a
colander.Invalid exception to the narrative docs.
- Add (existing, but previously non-API) colander.Invalid attributes
to its interface within the API documentation.
0.5.2 (2010-04-09)
- Add Email and Regex validators (courtesy Steve Howe).
- Raise a ``colander.Invalid`` error if a ``colander.SequenceSchema``
is created with more than one member.
- Add ``Function`` validator.
- Fix bug in serialization of non-Unicode values in the ``String`` class.
- Get rid of ``pserialize`` in favor of making ``serialize`` always
partially serialize.
- Get rid of ``pdeserialize``: it existed only for symmetry. We'll
add something like it back later if we need it.
0.5.1 (2010-04-02)
- The constructor arguments to a the ``colander.Schema`` class are now
sent to the constructed SchemaNode rather than to the type it represents.
- Allow ``colander.Date`` and ``colander.DateTime`` invalid error
messages to be customized.
- Add a ``pos`` argument to the ``colander.Invalid.add`` method.
- Add a ``__setitem__`` method to the ``colander.Invalid`` class.
- The ``colander.Mapping`` constructor keyword argument
``unknown_keys`` has been renamed to ``unknown``.
- Allow ``colander.Mapping`` type to accept a new constructor
argument: ``partial``.
- New interface methods required by types and schema nodes:
``pserialize`` and ``pdeserialize``. These partially serialize or
partially deserialize a value (the definition of "partial" is up to
the type).
0.5 (2010-03-31)
- 0.4 was mispackaged (CHANGES.txt missing); no code changes from 0.4
0.4 (2010-03-30)
- Add ``colander.DateTime`` and ``colander.Date`` data types.
- Depend on the ``iso8601`` package for date support.
0.3 (2010-03-29)
- Subnodes of a schema node are now kept in the ``children`` attribute
rather than the ``nodes`` attribute.
- Add an ``sdefault`` property to ``colander.SchemaNode`` objects.
- Add a ``clone`` method to ``colander.SchemaNode`` objects.
- Add a ``__str__`` method to the ``colander.Invalid`` exception that
prints an error summary.
- Various error message improvements.
- Add ``colander.Length`` validator class.
0.2 (2010-03-23)
- Make nodetype overrideable.
- Add __getitem__ to SchemaNode.
- Fix OneOf message.
- Capitalize node titles.
- Deal with empty strings in String, Boolean, and Float types.
- Introduce description; make title the same as name.
- Remove copy method from schemanode.
- Allow schema nodes to have titles.
- The term "structure" is too overloaded to use for schema purposes:
structure -> schema node.
- Make Sequence more like Tuple and Mapping (it uses a substructure
rather than a structure parameter to denote its type).
- Add __repr__ and copy methods to structure.
- Add accept_scalar flag to Sequence.
0.1 (2010-03-14)
- Initial release.
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