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0.9 (2010-11-28)
- SchemaNode constructor now accepts arbitrary keyword arguments. It
sets any unknown values within the ``**kw`` sequence as attributes
of the node object.
- Added Spanish locale: thanks to Douglas Cerna for the translations!
- If you use a schema with deferred ``validator``, ``missing`` or
``default`` attributes, but you use it to perform serialization and
deserialization without calling its ``bind`` method:
- If ``validator`` is deferred, no validation will be performed.
- If ``missing`` is deferred, the field will be considered *required*.
- If ``default`` is deferred, the serialization default will be
assumed to be ``colander.null``.
- Undocumented internal API for all type objects: ``flatten``.
External type objects should now inherit from
``colander.SchemaType`` to get a default implementation.
0.8 (2010/09/08)
- Docstring fixes to ``colander.SchemaNode`` (``missing`` is not the
``null`` value when required, it's a special marker value).
- The concept of "schema binding" was added, which allows for a more
declarative-looking spelling of schemas and schema nodes which have
dependencies on values available after the schema has already been
fully constructed. See the new narrative chapter in the
documentation entitled "Schema Binding".
- The interface of ``colander.SchemaNode`` has grown a ``__delitem__``
method. The ``__iter__``, and ``__getitem__`` methods have now also
been properly documented.
0.7.3 (2010/09/02)
- The title of a schema node now defaults to a titleization of the
``name``. Underscores in the ``name`` are replaced with empty
strings and the first letter of every resulting word is capitalized.
Previously the ``name`` was not split on underscores, and the
entirety of the ``name`` was capitalized.
- A method of the ``colander.Invalid`` exception named ``messages``
was added. It returns an iterable of error messages using the
``msg`` attribute of its related exception node. If the ``msg``
attribute is iterable, it is returned. If it is not iterable, a
single-element list containing the ``msg`` value is returned.
0.7.2 (2010/08/30)
- Add an ``colander.SchemaNode.__iter__`` method, which iterates over
the children nodes of a schema node.
- The constructor of a ``colander.SchemaNode`` now accepts a
``widget`` keyword argument, for use by Deform (it is not used
0.7.1 (2010/06/12)
- Make it possible to use ``colander.null`` as a ``missing`` argument
to ``colander.SchemaNode`` for roundtripping purposes.
- Make it possible to pickle ``colander.null``.
A release centered around normalizing the treatment of default and
missing values.
Bug Fixes
- Allow ``colander.Regex`` validator to accept a pattern object
instead of just a string.
- Get rid of circular reference in Invalid exceptions: Invalid
exceptions now no longer have a ``parent`` attribute. Instead, they
have a ``positional`` attribute, which signifies that the parent
node type of the schema node to which they relate inherits from
Positional. This attribute isn't an API; it's used only internally
for reporting.
- Raise a ``TypeError`` when bogus keyword arguments are passed to
Backwards Incompatiblities / New Features
- ``missing`` constructor arg to SchemaNode: signifies
*deserialization* default, disambiguated from ``default`` which acted
as both serialization and deserialization default previously.
Changes necessitated / made possible by SchemaNode ``missing``
- The ``allow_empty`` argument of the ``colander.String`` type was
removed (use ``missing=''`` as a wrapper SchemaNode argument
- New concept: ``colander.null`` input to serialization and
deserialization. Use of ``colander.null`` normalizes serialization
and deserialization default handling.
Changes necessitated / made possible by ``colander.null`` addition:
- ``partial`` argument and attribute of colander.MappingSchema has
been removed; all serializations are partial, and partial
deserializations are not necessary.
- ``colander.null`` values are added to the cstruct for partial
serializations instead of omitting missing node values from
the cstruct.
- ``colander.null`` may now be present in serialized and
deserialized data structures.
- ``sdefault`` attribute of SchemaNode has been removed; we never need
to serialize a default anymore.
- The value ``colander.null`` will be passed as ``appstruct`` to
each type's ``serialize`` method when a mapping appstruct doesn't
have a corresponding key instead of ``None``, as was the practice
- The value ``colander.null`` will be passed as ``cstruct`` to
each type's ``deserialize`` method when a mapping cstruct
doesn't have a corresponding key instead of ``None``, as was the
practice previously.
- Types now must handle ``colander.null`` explicitly during
- Updated and expanded documentation, particularly with respect to new
``colander.null`` handling.
- The ``value`` argument`` to the ``serialize`` method of a SchemaNode
is now named ``appstruct``. It is no longer a required argument; it
defaults to ``colander.null`` now.
The ``value`` argument to the ``deserialize`` method of a SchemaNode
is now named ``cstruct``. It is no longer a required argument; it
defaults to ``colander.null`` now.
- The ``value`` argument to the ``serialize`` method of each built-in
type is now named ``appstruct``, and is now required: it is no
longer a keyword argument that has a default.
The ``value`` argument to the ``deserialize`` method of each
built-in type is now named ``cstruct``, and is now required: it is
no longer a keyword argument that has a default.
0.6.2 (2010-05-08)
- The default ``encoding`` parameter value to the ``colander.String``
type is still ``None``, however its meaning has changed. An
encoding of ``None`` now means that no special encoding and decoding
of Unicode values is done by the String type. This differs from the
previous behavior, where ``None`` implied that the encoding was
``utf-8``. Pass the encoding as ``utf-8`` specifically to get the
older behavior back. This is in support of Deform.
- The default ``err_template`` value attached to the ``colander.Date``
and ``colander.Datetime`` types was changed. It is now simply
``Invalid date`` instead of ``_('${val} cannot be parsed as an
iso8601 date: ${err}')``. This is in support of Deform.
- Fix bug in ``colander.Boolean`` that attempted to call ``.lower`` on
a bool value when a default value was found for the schema node.
0.6.1 (2010-05-04)
- Add a Decimal type (number type which uses ``decimal.Decimal`` as a
deserialization target).
0.6.0 (2010-05-02)
- (Hopefully) fix intermittent datetime-granularity-related test
- Internationalized error messages. This required some changes to
error message formatting, which may impact you if you were feeding
colander an error message template.
- New project dependency: ``translationstring`` package for
- New argument to ``colander.String`` constructor: ``allow_empty``.
This is a boolean representing whether an empty string is a valid
value during deserialization, defaulting to ``False``.
- Add minimal documentation about the composition of a
colander.Invalid exception to the narrative docs.
- Add (existing, but previously non-API) colander.Invalid attributes
to its interface within the API documentation.
0.5.2 (2010-04-09)
- Add Email and Regex validators (courtesy Steve Howe).
- Raise a ``colander.Invalid`` error if a ``colander.SequenceSchema``
is created with more than one member.
- Add ``Function`` validator.
- Fix bug in serialization of non-Unicode values in the ``String`` class.
- Get rid of ``pserialize`` in favor of making ``serialize`` always
partially serialize.
- Get rid of ``pdeserialize``: it existed only for symmetry. We'll
add something like it back later if we need it.
0.5.1 (2010-04-02)
- The constructor arguments to a the ``colander.Schema`` class are now
sent to the constructed SchemaNode rather than to the type it represents.
- Allow ``colander.Date`` and ``colander.DateTime`` invalid error
messages to be customized.
- Add a ``pos`` argument to the ``colander.Invalid.add`` method.
- Add a ``__setitem__`` method to the ``colander.Invalid`` class.
- The ``colander.Mapping`` constructor keyword argument
``unknown_keys`` has been renamed to ``unknown``.
- Allow ``colander.Mapping`` type to accept a new constructor
argument: ``partial``.
- New interface methods required by types and schema nodes:
``pserialize`` and ``pdeserialize``. These partially serialize or
partially deserialize a value (the definition of "partial" is up to
the type).
0.5 (2010-03-31)
- 0.4 was mispackaged (CHANGES.txt missing); no code changes from 0.4
0.4 (2010-03-30)
- Add ``colander.DateTime`` and ``colander.Date`` data types.
- Depend on the ``iso8601`` package for date support.
0.3 (2010-03-29)
- Subnodes of a schema node are now kept in the ``children`` attribute
rather than the ``nodes`` attribute.
- Add an ``sdefault`` property to ``colander.SchemaNode`` objects.
- Add a ``clone`` method to ``colander.SchemaNode`` objects.
- Add a ``__str__`` method to the ``colander.Invalid`` exception that
prints an error summary.
- Various error message improvements.
- Add ``colander.Length`` validator class.
0.2 (2010-03-23)
- Make nodetype overrideable.
- Add __getitem__ to SchemaNode.
- Fix OneOf message.
- Capitalize node titles.
- Deal with empty strings in String, Boolean, and Float types.
- Introduce description; make title the same as name.
- Remove copy method from schemanode.
- Allow schema nodes to have titles.
- The term "structure" is too overloaded to use for schema purposes:
structure -> schema node.
- Make Sequence more like Tuple and Mapping (it uses a substructure
rather than a structure parameter to denote its type).
- Add __repr__ and copy methods to structure.
- Add accept_scalar flag to Sequence.
0.1 (2010-03-14)
- Initial release.
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